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2 10, 2017

Dennis Carlton Gandee



College/University: Any
Financial Need: Yes
Renewable: No

Specific preferences:

  • Senior from Herbert Hoover High School

  • Must be an athlete (Male or Female)


Average grant amount: $500
Number of Grants: 0
2 10, 2017

Advanced Technical Solutions



College/University: Any
Financial Need: No
Renewable: Yes

Specific preferences:

  • Seeking a degree in Information Technology

  • Preference given to Computer Science, Management, Networking, Information Systems, Programing and Security

  • Must maintain a 3.0 GPA


Average grant amount: $2000
Number of Grants: New
2 08, 2017

Community Connections July 27, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Bryan Shaw, Business Accelerator Director of Ten50. As part of the Robert C Byrd Institute, Ten50 is helping small businesses bring their ideas to life.

5 07, 2017

Community Connections June 28, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Asley Orr, Executive Director of Good News Mountaineer Garage. They discuss the statewide program and how lives are changed when families have their own vehicle.

26 06, 2017

Understanding Our Impact


Since 1962, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) has supported a multitude of community efforts in areas such as arts and culture, health and human services, community development, education, and recreation. Today, TGKVF acts as an intersection for public, private, and nonprofit organizations that all converge for the purpose of promoting the well-being of Kanawha, Lincoln, Putnam, Fayette, Boone, and Clay Counties. TGKVF is one of the largest community foundations in the nation and the biggest community foundation in West Virginia and all of Central Appalachia. This report represents an attempt to understand the impact that TGKVF has had on the communities that it serves. Three sources of data are utilized for this purpose and the convergent themes that emerged from this review provide the strongest evidence.

Download the full report here

7 06, 2017

#AlmostHeaven: Show your love for West Virginia!


The state Division of Tourism is launching a new campaign that encourages people to show what they love about West Virginia by posting a photo to social media with the hashtag #AlmostHeaven.

So, what makes West Virginia #AlmostHeaven? State Tourism Commissioner Chelsea Ruby said she loves “the spectacular views.”

“No matter which corner of the state you’re in, what you’re doing or where you are, the state is just absolutely beautiful,” she said.

The campaign is scheduled to launch Tuesday and last through June 20th, which is West Virginia’s 154th birthday.

Every day for the next two weeks leading up to the birthday, the Division of Tourism will post — on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — a reason the Mountain State is a great place to live.

Ruby said it’s a great way to promote tourism in the state. She said West Virginia gets a bad image from people who don’t live in the state.

“People who are out there saying negative things about West Virginia — a lot of them have never even been to the state, so if we can get everybody in the state posting pictures, telling all the great things about the state and really educating people about all the things we have to offer, I think we can take a large step in improving that image,” Ruby said.

Last year, 52 percent of West Virginia travelers said they booked a trip here because of a post they saw on social media, Ruby said.

“If we tell our story and we promote ourselves as a world class destination, we have the potential to drastically multiple the affects of our advertising,” she said.

The Division of Tourism will be giving away West Virginia vacations for the two best posts each day. The person with the most and best #AlmostHeaven posts by June 20th will be featured in an online video.

To get involved, use #AlmostHeaven and visit to see photos.

Source: W.Va. Division of Tourism promotes #AlmostHeaven campaign by Carrie Hodousek  | June 5, 2017

30 05, 2017

Community Connections May 24, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Mary C Snow West Side Elementary School Nurse Janet Allio. They discuss the history of the school and the programs offered there to support the West Side community.

26 04, 2017

Building Bridges for Good Measure


Workshop tracks will include:

• Leadership
• Program delivery
• Fund development
• Financial management • Evaluation

Dates: November 2 and 3, 2017 Where: Adventures on the Gorge

Fayetteville, WV