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6 08, 2020

TGKVF will host the 2020 Summit on Race Matters in West Virginia


The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) will host the 2020 Summit on Race Matters in West Virginia

August 6, 2020 @ 4-6:30pm through Zoom

Link to Official Website:

Close to 1,000 are registered

Keynote Speaker will be Ibram X. Kendi, Professor and New York Times Bestselling Author

Media is invited to register and attend at

Charleston, WV- On Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 4pm, TGKVF will present their 2020 Summit on Race Matters in West Virginia via Zoom. 

Professor Ibram X. Kendi is a National Book Award-winning and #1 New York Times bestselling author. His third and current book is entitled “How to be an Antiracist.” Kendi is the Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities and the Founding Director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. He is also a contributor writer at The Atlantic and a CBS News correspondent. 

Facilitators for this event are Tom Heywood, Managing Partner Bowles Rice; and Meshea L. Poore, Vice President for the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at WVU. Panelists include Katherine “Kitty” Dooley, attorney and activist; Jeff James, author; and Shaun King, journalist and activist.

The 2020 Summit on Race Matters in West Virginia will be a monthly gathering of citizens from the public, private, and philanthropic sectors to discuss race in a comprehensive, collaborative, and compassionate manner, designed to build the Beloved Community in West Virginia. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. popularized the notion of the Beloved Community as a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and love of one’s fellow human beings. The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is the largest community foundation in Central Appalachia and the only one led by a Black woman. 

Partners for the Summit on Race Matters include the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, City of Charleston, United Methodist Foundation of WV, Inc., and Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia.  The Foundation is grateful for these sponsors and others including Appalachian Power, Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, The Dickinson Family, Charles and Mary Fayne Glotfelty Foundation, Kanawha County Commission, Steptoe & Johnson, PLLC, Unicare Health Plan of West Virginia, Volunteer West Virginia, and West Virginia American Water. 

4:00pm      Welcome Dr. Michelle Foster, President and CEO, TGKVF

4:25pm      Racist Ideas in America: From Slavery to Black Lives Matter Professor Ibram X. Kendi

5:30pm      Panel Kitty Dooley, Jeff James, and Shaun King

6:26pm.     Call to Action Dr. Michelle Foster

Future dates and topics are as follows: 

September 10, 2020 Criminal Justice with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and 1619 podcast host, Nikole Hannah-Jones

October 1, 2020 Health & Civic Engagement, speakers to be announced

November 5, 2020 Education & Employment, speakers to be announced

December 1, 2020 Housing & Wealth, speakers to be announced

TGKVF will host the 2020 Summit on Race Matters in West Virginia2020-08-08T23:34:51-04:00
3 08, 2020

Community Connections with West Virginia Health Right


Jane Powell has a conversation with Rhonda Francis, Clincal Coordinator for West Virginian Heath Right. They discuss the services offered by the clinic and it’s outreach into the community for both health and dental needs.

Community Connections with West Virginia Health Right2020-08-03T11:15:47-04:00
29 07, 2020

Evaluation 101 Training


When: Sept 1, 2020 02:00 PM – 03:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Evaluation 101 Training2020-09-14T16:28:58-04:00
27 07, 2020

Foundation awards 370 postsecondary scholarships


Foundation awards 370 postsecondary scholarships totaling $830,155

 for the 2020-21 academic year

Through its statewide scholarship program, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) has awarded 370 postsecondary scholarships for a total of $830,155 this year. These scholarships will assist students from all over West Virginia in pursuing postsecondary education during the 2020-21 academic year. The Foundation has 111 scholarship funds available and these funds have varying eligibility criteria (financial need, county of residence, high school attended, intended major, academic achievement, community service, etc.). Those interested in applying should visit the Foundation’s website at and click on the Scholarships tab to learn more about TGKVF’s Scholarship Program. The 2021-22 scholarship application will be available online beginning November 15, 2020 and the deadline to apply will be January 15, 2021. On behalf of TGKVF’s donors, staff, and volunteers, congratulations to all West Virginia students who are investing in their education!

Berkeley: Makenna Cast, $2,000; Molly Hull, $2,000; Brett Linton, $1,000.

Boone: Abby Bolton, $1,400; Gracie Crone, $1,950; Kaylea Egnor, $2,000; Hannah Guthrie, $2,000; Mikayla Kirk, $2,000; Austin Marcum, $850; Corrine May, $2,000; Brooke Phillips, $2,000; Katie Ramsayer, $1,150.

Braxton : Erin King, $2,000; Mary Stewart, $2,000.

Brooke: Mia Marino, $2,000.

Cabell : James Cooper, $2,000; Skylar Davis, $2,000; Kira Hayes, $2,000; Grace Kinder, $2,000; Rachel King, $8,000; Rachel Lake, $2,000; Carlee Lusher, $2,000; Raiven Scott, $2,000; Hattie Sergent, $2,000; Hannah Sullivan, $2,000.

Calhoun: Cassidy Conley, $1,500; Erika Newell, $2,000; Kaitlyn Toney, $1,500.

Clay: Andrew Belt, $2,000; Caitlin Belt, $2,000; Austin Brown, $2,000; Hunter Jones, $2,000; Ely Osborne, $2,000;  Sharina Ratliff, $1,000; Darren Ray, $2,000; James Summers III, $6,000; Tailynn Varney, $2,550.

Doddridge: Maci Britton                , $2,000; Heidi Lusk, $2,000; Isaac Pringle, $2,000.

Fayette: Jadyn Allen, $2,000; Josiah Baker, $2,000; Carson Cochran, $1,000; Matthew Cortines, $2,000; Dalton Dempsey, $1,000; Jessica Greenwood, $2,000; Makala Hizer, $650; Aiden Jones, $2,000; Rachel Liddle, $885; Elizabeth Lowe, $2,500; Tate Mauzy, $1,000; Dominic Re, $2,000; Tyrese Selinger, $2,000; Kaytlin Wilson, $1,250; Blake Wingrove, $2,000.

Gilmer: Keaton Moore, $2,000; Michael Roy, $2,000.

Greenbrier: Shannon Brunzo-Hager, $2,000; Asa Dick, $7,000; Emma Eisenbeiss, $2,000; Luna Martin, $2,000; Morgan Pendleton, $2,000; Mai Tran, $2,000.

Hancock: Allyson Brothers, $2,000; Zachary Guiddy, $2,000.

Hardy: Brock Dolly, $7,000; Caroline Edelen, $1,000; Cody Turner, $2,000.

Harrison: Miya Lantz, $560; Destiny Lusk, $2,000; Mackenzie Steele, $2,000.

Jackson: Haley Carson, $2,000; Presley Fisher, $2,000; Alecxander Gwynn, $2,000; Mercedes Hackworth, $2,000; Alexis Knopp, $1,300; Fiona Lane, $2,000; Gabriela Martinez, $2,000; Christopher Neil, $4,000; Teresa Riffle, $2,000; Noah Sergent, $2,000.

Jackson: Destiny Thomas, $2,000; Jilliann Throneberry, $2,000; Alexis Whited, $2,000; Destany Wilson, $2,000; Ryan Wratchford, $2,000.

Jefferson: Adelaide Amore, $6,000; Jane Cabbiness, $2,000; Samantha Gonzalez, $2,000; Jordan Phillips, $2,000; Emma Speck, $2,000.

Kanawha: Carleigh Abbott, $2,000; Jennifer Adams, $4,000; Chelsey Adkins, $4,000; Hazem Attal, $1,000; Ian Avis, $2,000; Jemima Ayilaran, $2,000; Haidyn Bare, $400;  Chasie  Beard, $2,000; Ellen Blackwood, $7,000;  Zachary Blankenship, $5,000; Emma Bowles, $1,000; Kezia’h Brown,         $2,000; Kennedy Buckley, $2,000; Anthony Carfagna, $1,350; Jarred Carter, $650; Sharmel Cavender, $2,000; Laney Cole, $650; Gannon Cole, $2,000; Mckenzie Counts, $1,000; Harley Coutz, $2,000; Megan Craner, $1,000;  Derek Crider, $4,000;  Zachary Crouse, $1,000; Kate Cruickshank, $1,000; Lacaya Cyrus, $1,000; Erin Dodd, $2,000;  Allison Donato,$2,000; Emma Dooley, $1,000; Katelyn Dorsey, $1,000; Todd Douglas, $1,000; Zeinab Elkhansa  , $1,000; Sachleen Elkins, $2,000; Isabel Emch, $1,000; Rylee Fields, $1,000; Cameron Fisher, $1,000; Jarod Fulks, $2,000; Jordan Gibson, $2,495; Jenna Gillenwater, $1,000; Jordan Goble, $1,000; Chase Goldsmith, $1,000; Maisie Gore, $6,000; Alexis Grbac, $2,000; Luke Grimm, $2,000; Layne Gumowski; $2,000; Sydney Hamrick, $1,000; Mason Hamrick, $1,000; Sarah Harding, $1,000; Christoph Hart, $1,000; Vivian Hartwell, $700; David Hartzell, $2,000; Leyla Hatfield, $2,000; Alexa Hawkins, $2,000; Cari Hively, $2,000; Hanna Ho, $2,000; Breanna Hodges, $2,000; Phota Huffman, $1,000; Mahaley Hughes, $6,000; Sydney Johnson, $6,000; Colby Johnson, $2,000; Kaitlyn Jones, $1,000; Jerry Lacy, $2,000; Sierra Lawhorn, $1,000; Hannah Lemon, $1,000; Grayson Lester, $2,000; Madison Litton, $1,000; Alissa Lowe, $1,150; Kylie Lucas, $2,000; Celeste  Maddy, $2,000; Connor Mann, $2,000; Kendal Marshall, $2,000; Megan  McClung, $1,000; Megan McCullough, $2,000; Jacob McGuire, $1,000; Alexa McPhail, $2,000; Philip Michael, $1,000; Christopher Miller, $480; Kalea Miller, $1,975.00; Charity Mostow, $1,300.00; Matthew Mullins, $1,000.00; Danielle Mullins , $7,500; Malie Munasinghe, $1,000;  Kaitlyn Musick, $1,000; Lydia Neidlinger, $1,700; Kaitlin Nester, $1,000; Brooklyn Nunleym, $1,000; Andrew O’Neill, $2,000; Adedamola Oyedokun, $1,500; Evan Page, $5,000; Savannah Parsons, 1,400; Gage Pauley, $1,000; Savannah Pauley, $2,000; Kathryn  Pauley, $2,000; Charisse Peck, $1,000; Holli Perdue,       $4,000; Lauren Phillips, $1,000; Madeleine Plutro, $1,000; Victoria Porterfield, 1,000; Leslie Proctor, $1,000; Jacey Prowse, $1,000; McKinley Randolph, $2,000; Patrick Reed, $8,000; Katherine Reed, $1,000; Nora Riffle, $2,000; Madison Robinson, $2,000;  Elijah Robinson, $2,000; Alaina Rumbaugh, $2,000; Autumn Smith, $2,000; Karlee Smith, $1,500; Kiah Smith, $2,000; Haley Snodgrass, $1,000; Rachael Snyder, $1,000; Megan Spelock, $2,000; Jakob Spruce, $1,000; Hunter Stamper, $1,000; Haley Stanley, $4,000; Emily Stierwalt, $5,000; Angelina Summerbell, $1,000; Lydia Sweat, $900; Joel Sweat, 1,000; Madeleine Swint, $6,000; Megan Tanner, $460; Jacob Taylor, $1,000; Emily Taylor, $1,000; Soleen Tran, $2,000; Madeline Triplett, $650; Madeleine Turley, $2,000; Rhianna Turturice, $1,000; Kayden Upton, $1,000; Sophia Veazey, $5,000; Catherine Walker, $5,000; Emma Ward, $1,000; Jayden Ware, $2,000; Imani Weldon, $2,000; Jay Wessels, $2,500; Savannah Westfall, $2,000; Arianna Whitehair, $1,000; Katherine Whittington, $1,150; Hannah Willey, $2,000; Ostin Williams, $2,000; Abigail Williams, $2,000; Caleb Woods, $2,495; Jared Woods, $2,495; Michelle Zhu, $1,000.

Lewis: Mason Atha, $1,400; Charlotte Dotson; $1,400; Kaleb Gannon, $7,000; Kassandra Hughes, $2,000.

Lincoln: Karah Alberts, $2,000; Bailey Baker, $2,000; Emily Cadd, $2,000; Logan Christian, $4,000; Annika Godwin, $2,000; Amelia Godwin, $1,600; Kaylin  Nelson, $2,000; Jerrad Price, $2,000; Ktelynn Sullivan, $2,000; William Thomas, $2,000; Emily Thomas, $2,000.

Logan: James Ellis, $1,000; Tonya McCormick, $600; Philip Mullins, $650.

Marion: Kyra Dukich, $5,000.

Marshall: VisakhaTurner, $500.

Mason:                 Nazar Abbas, $1,000; Jayla Arnold, $2,000; Monica Cook, $1,000; Justin Holley,  $5,000; Peyton Hughes, $5,000; Shannon Lyons, $1,250; Brandi Stroup, $2,000.

McDowell: Kristen Calhoun, $2,000; Logan Kennedy, $1,000.

Mercer: Brian Lowe, $5,000; Dakota Miller, $1,000; Aubrie Peyton, $7,500; Olarotimi Ponder, $2,000; Brayden Quesenberry, $1,000; Victoria Terry, $2,000.

Mineral: Matthew Kenney, $2,000.

Mingo: Abigail Kozee, $2,000.

Monongalia: David Carvajal, $2,000; Tallan Embrey, $2,000; Emily Fisher, $2,000; Heather Willis, $7,000.

Monroe: Cade McMunigal, $2,000.

Morgan: Matthew Chapman, $8,000; Christopher King; $2,000.

Nicholas: Chelsey Adkins,$1,350; Makala Alderman, $1,600; Brandon Amick, $2,000; Amelia Bard, $2,000; Adrienne Bounds, $1,250; Riley Butcher,$5,000; Jordan Cochran, $5,000; Jacob Grose, $2,500; Jacob Holcomb, $2,500; Johnathon Johnson, $5,000; Michael McClung, $1,950; Derek Mullins,$1,250; Eamonn Payton, $7,000; Shade Rader, $2,000; Illysa Sergeon, $5,000; Hayley Short, $625; Karen              Truong, $2,500; Makayla Woods, $1,000.

Ohio: Jennavieve Brown, $2,000; Marguerite Demasi, $2,000; Elizabeth Nickell, $2,000; Kylie Pell, $2,000; Veda Wheeler, $2,000.

Pocahontas: Jacob Jones, $6,000; Brady Jones, $8,000; Kelly Pyne, $2,000.

Preston: Leann  Carrico, $1,000; Shane Ferrell, $2,000; Abigail Warnick, $2,000; Ethan Wimer, $5,000; David Wimer, $2,000; Jonathan Wimer,$8,000; Haley Zinn, $7,000.

Putnam: Hunter                Allen, $2,000; Margaret Bird, $2,000; Jeremy Blake, $2,000; Jacob Blizzard, $1,500; Callen Bostic, $2,000; Chase Casto; $2,500; Kaitlyn Dillard; $2,000; Madison Gillispie, $2,000; Evan Haley, $1,000; Rebecca Hall, $2,000; Travis Hanna, $1,500; Jamie Irvine, $1,000; Bailee Keblesh  , $4,000; Faith Lovejoy, $700; Dylan Luikart, $1,800; Jaxon Miller, $2,000; Olivia Moncada, $5,000; Emmelee Newhouse, $2,000; Tylee Oldham, $6,000; Natalie Parra, $2,000; Brooklyn Persinger, $2,000; Lindsey Russell, $1,000; Abigail Short, $2,000; Sydney Smith, $2,000; Kelsey Templeton, $2,000; Jonah Tincher, $2,000.

Raleigh: Madeline Boyd, $2,000; Caitlyn Cormack, $2,000; Kaitlynn Cox, $2,000; Stephanie Hopkins, $2,000; Emily Martin, $1,000; Abigail Boggs, $2,000.

Randolph: Cole Crumm, $6,000; Olivia Ferguson, $2,000; Elijah Jones, $5,000.

Roane: Hannah Stricklen, $635.

Taylor: Charles  Davisson, $2,000.

Tucker: Destiny Meador , $2,000.

Tyler: Creed Ammons, $750; Eli Henthorn, $7,000.

Wayne: Olivia Hughes, $1,000; Shawna Lockard, $2,000; Jacob Simpkins, $2,000; Caleb Spry, $2,000.

Webster: Darrian Dominguez, $1,350.

Wetzel: Paige Brill, $2,000.

Wirt: Shawna Ashby, $2,000; Daniel McCloy, $2,000.

Wood: Sydney Bailey, $2,500; Grace Cox, $5,000; Emma Hyson, $7,500; Baileigh Lewis, $2,000; Eleanor Mommessin, $550; Casey Morrison, $2,000; Molly Powney, $5,000; Sidney Strause, $2,000; Bethany Wager, $7,000; Grace West, $6,000.

Wyoming: Logan Bland, $2,000.

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is grateful to our community of generous donors who prioritize education and make these scholarships and other grants possible. These approved 2020-2021 scholarships are supported by the following funds:

Advanced Technical Solutions; Stuart and Lucille Armstrong; Robert D. Ashworth; Dale C. Bailey; Joseph C. Basile, II; Bernadine Bess; W.P. Black; James E. and Barbara J. Boggs; Pauline Haddad Bsharah; Adam S. Burford; Adam Michael  Burns; Drs. Charlene H. and Charles R. Byrd; Gustavus B. Capito; Cavalier-Nichols Family; Charleston Chapter of the WVSCPAs Accounting; Charleston Rotary Club; Charleston Vandalia Rotary; Class of 1946 Charleston High School; Jahlil Clements; C. Raymond and Delsia R. Collins; J.D. Cutlip; Diana B. Deardorff; Jerry L. Dove; Dunlap-Ellis; Max and Louise England;  ; Les and Verna Evans; Brooksie Boggs Fannin; Arthur M. and Laila Maki Ferenz; Norman S. and Betty M. Fitzhugh; Pam Fuller; Dennis Carlton Gandee; Geraldine Gee; Deputy William G. “Billy” Giacomo; Roxanna Glass; Rebecca Beattie Goldman; Helen Moore Goode; Rebecca Hoskins Goodwin; Richard “Dick” Green; Donald S. Groves, MD; Philip A. Haddad; Dr. O.M. and Ruth A. Harper; David Andrew Hood; Paris Hudnall; Lois Geraldine and Charles Edward Jeffrey; Ruth Ann Johnson; Elizabeth S. Johnston; Junior League of Charleston – Rebecca Dickson Goldsmith;  Kamm Family; Kanawha Valley Mining Institute;  James S. Kessell; Kids Chance of West Virginia, Inc.; King-Alderson Family; James and Marianne Lane; Tressa L. Legg; Joseph Leslie; Lincoln County Hall of Fame; Michael Brian “Boo” Lopez; Joseph Mifflin and Beatrice Stephenson Lorentz; Leopold K. and Elizabeth F. Marmet; Math & Science; Attison McClanahan Academic; Ernest and Iva Mearns; Montgomery Rotary; Ol “Leff” Moore; Drew Morton; Margaret Parsons “Porky” Moss; Coleman Murphy, Jr.; Jesse W. and Elizabeth Rust O’Hair; Bernice Pickens Parsons; J. Roy, Lillian May, John E. and Florence B. Pierson; Paul A. and Grace C. Rhudy; Riverside Math and Science; W. Michael W. Rollins; SCPA; Shepherd Family,  R. Ray Singleton; Herb Smith/ Eunice Fleming, Brandon Matthew Sneed; Asa Andrew Stemple; John C. Steven, Jr. Engineering; Kenneth Stollings, Engineering; John H. and Antoinette B. Thomas; Raymond Thompson; Thompson-Bolt; Nicholas and Mary Agnes Trivillian; Elizabeth Underwood; Mabel W. Walker; Kenneth and Mildred Ward; West Virginia Golf Association; WVHFMA; Yeardley Family.




Foundation awards 370 postsecondary scholarships2020-07-27T14:41:54-04:00
27 07, 2020

Foundation Announces 2020 Second Quarter Discretionary Grants


Foundation Announces 2020 Second Quarter Discretionary Grants


Charleston, WV-The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) Board of Trustees approved the distribution of grant funding totaling $611,700.


Funding supports programs such as Backpack Buddy, a food box delivery program serving students and their families in Boone, Kanawha, and Putnam Counties. Backpack Buddy recently received a special thank you note from a grateful family who had previously received food boxes in a time of need. The volunteers at Backpack Buddy were thrilled to learn that the family was in a better financial position and was volunteering to host a job fair for families currently receiving assistance. Backpack Buddy distributed job fair announcement fliers in 800 food boxes, and many of those people attended the fair. Because of Backpack Buddies’ program and this family’s generosity, two people receiving food boxes found good, steady jobs.

TGKVF awarded seven responsive grants totaling $141,000 to Arts & Culture, Basic Needs, and Field-of-Interest programs, and awarded four grants totaling $150,700 in the Foundation’s proactive areas of Education and Health. Continued generous support from an anonymous donor provided funding for one Dental and seven Emergency Aid grants totaling $320,000.

Arts in Action-Arts in Action Student Classroom and Performance Supplies: $18,000 (Arts & Culture)

Arts in Action’s new program – Superstars ARTReach – will provide classes for 17 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Kanawha County. School year classes and summer camps provide instruction in dance, acrobatic dance, Appalachian clogging, show choir, music, and theater including improvisational comedy and visual arts. The program is committed to “arts for everyone” and provides need-based financial aid. Funding from TGKVF will support classroom and performance supplies.

Charleston Ballet, Inc.-Charleston Ballet 2020-2021 Season: $17,000 (Arts & Culture)

Funding from TGKVF will provide support for the Charleston Ballet’s 2020-2021 season, assisting with guest artist rehearsal and performance fees, travel, and housing for 9-10 performances. This includes three mainstage performances in October and December’s Nutcracker performance with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, along with additional smaller performances that take place throughout the season at various venues. Audiences are from the six counties TGKVF serves and beyond. All performances exhibit educational and cultural diversity components, including BALLET FOR ALL and 21st Century After School Learning Programs.

Children’s Theatre of Charleston-A New Decade, A New Home, A New CTOC: $12,500 (Arts & Culture)

Children’s Theatre of Charleston’s renovations will allow children in Kanawha, Putnam, and surrounding counties to be exposed to the performing arts in a professional rehearsal setting. The larger space will increase the number of children who can participate in the full theater experience that includes acting, singing, and dance. Additional space will also allow older children to be involved in the art of costume creation and set design.

BackpackBuddy.Org-BackpackBuddy.Org Summer Program: $27,500 (Basic Needs)

BackpackBuddy.Org empowers community partners in Boone, Putnam, and Kanawha Counties to provide nutritional, personal care, and educational support to underprivileged students in their communities during the summer breaks from school. Funding from TGKVF will support food delivery to participating students.

Rea of Hope Fellowship Home, Inc.-Rea of Hope Utilities: $22,000 (Basic Needs)

Funding will support the operation of Rea of Hope’s mission to help West Virginia women suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction by teaching the life skills and self-sufficiency required to reach sustained recovery, while promoting safe and affordable housing.

YWCA Sojourner’s Shelter for Homeless Women & Families-YWCA Sojourner’s Shelter for Homeless Women & Families: $27,500 (Basic Needs)

Funding will assist with operational support of the YWCA Sojourner’s Shelter, a licensed 75-bed facility. This community-based program provides shelter with supportive services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to single women, women with children, men with custody of their children, Veterans, and intact families.

Southern Appalachian Labor School-SALS Life Support: $16,500 (Field of Interest)

The Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) will distribute food, study guides, reading materials, and books to students, seniors, and those who are disabled in rural areas of Fayette County. SALS will also set up cell, internet, and hot spot connections whenever possible to monitor and to connect those involved when social distancing and home isolation is required.

Marshall University Foundation Incorporated-Accelerating West Virginia: $57,000 (Education)

Accelerate West Virginia is a grant partnership between The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, the June Harless Center at Marshall University, and the West Virginia Department of Education. This project will provide support and guidance to Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam Counties as they make preparations for the 2020-2021 school year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will focus on reaching children grades Pre-K through Third Grade in the area of early literacy while addressing the social and emotional needs of all students.

Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Association, Inc., WV Chapter-Expanding Services and Improving Care for Families Touched by Dementia: $40,000 (Health)

The West Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association will increase its presence and outreach in Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam Counties by working to increase equity in accurate dementia diagnoses. The Association will focus on increasing the number of families who have access to free services and who receive affordable, high-quality care and support for living better with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. By expanding its reach through the Volunteer-Powered Program Delivery Initiative, The Alzheimer’s Association will enable more education programs and increased access to care and support programs in underserved areas.

TEAM West Virginia Children, Inc.-ACEs Coalition of West Virginia: $23,700 (Health)

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Coalition of West Virginia will serve organizations and individuals in Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam Counties through education, awareness, and prevention of ACEs. The Coalition advocates for resources that support best practices and reduce the burden of ACEs, coordinates across agency boundaries to deliver the best possible services, and educates the public and influential leaders on the impact ACEs have on the health and economic problems facing West Virginia.

West Virginia Free, Inc.-Love Your Birth Control: $30,000 (Health)

This second year of funding from TGKVF will support The Know Your Options, Love Your Birth Control Campaign that is focused on increasing access to the full spectrum of contraceptive options. WV Free addresses the lack of access and education around these issues in a three-pronged approach: intensive community outreach and education; shared decision-making training on contraceptive counseling for health care providers and mental health professionals; and technical assistance to those trained. This campaign will cover the entire state of West Virginia with focuses in Boone, Clay, Kanawha, Lincoln, Fayette, and Putnam Counties.

West Virginia Health Right, Inc.-Dental Care for Impoverished Adults: $175,000 (Dental)

While approximately 50% of West Virginia Health Right, Inc.’s patients are insured through governmental insurances, adults insured through Medicaid have limited dental coverage and seniors covered through Medicare have no dental benefits. Additionally, only those veterans with a 100% service-related disability qualify for dental coverage through the Veterans Administration. WV Health Right fills these gaps for impoverished, uninsured or underinsured adults through an on-site dental clinic that serves 34 West Virginia counties and through its Mobile Dental Unit that serves the five rural counties of Boone, Clay, Logan, McDowell, and Roane. During the past year, 7,161 adults were provided a full range of dental treatments, with 4,795 of those being residents of The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation’s six county service area.

Kanawha County Commission-Juvenile Drug Court Needs: $20,000 (Emergency Aid)

Kanawha County’s Juvenile Drug Court is a court-led and community supported program of early intervention to address the specific needs of its substance-abusing youth participants. The objectives of Juvenile Drug Court are to improve youth’s general functioning by reducing internal and external problems and to increase family self-sufficiency and ability to cope with life’s difficulties. The program seeks to divert non-violent juvenile offenders from the traditional Juvenile Court process to intensive, individualized treatment with the goal being to reduce future court involvement for these youth.

Mountain Mission, Inc.-Roof Replacement: $25,000 (Emergency Aid)

The Roof Replacement Project will assist Mountain Mission in securing two new roofs for its facilities in Kanawha County. The two buildings that house the food pantry, food sorting area, furniture and clothing areas, and volunteer areas are connected, yet the roofs are independent. This project will help Mountain Mission provide services without structural interferences due to leaking roofs.

REA of Hope Fellowship Home, Inc. –New Life Apartments III: $15,000 (Emergency Aid)

Due to the extreme demand for safe and supportive housing for graduates of its programs, REA of Hope (ROH) is expanding its programs for the third time since opening in 2005. ROH provides housing and rehabilitative support for women aged 18 and older who are recovering from alcohol and/or drug use and who want to remain abstinent from use. The ROH model is based on teaching women how to live without drugs and alcohol while providing safe and supportive housing for families.

University of Charleston-Naloxone Distribution Day: $30,000 (Emergency Aid)

Naloxone Distribution Day will be a one-day event held in multiple locations where community members may obtain Naxolone education and kits to take home. Locations will be spread throughout Kanawha and Putnam Counties and will be identified through overdose report data to determine the areas of highest risk. At each location, volunteers will train each person requesting Naloxone. In total, 600 kits containing 1,200 does of Naloxone will be distributed to community members during Naloxone Distribution Day.

Walking Miracles Family Foundation-Country Roads Care Assistance Program: $15,000 (Emergency Aid)

Walking Miracles Family Foundation will utilize its Care Assistance Program to provide families experiencing childhood cancer with Care Cards to cover expenses such as transportation, lodging, and food incurred in accessing treatment. The various costs associated with travel are a major barrier to accessing cancer treatment for many families. In West Virginia, this burden is severe as many rural areas have no public transportation system or healthcare facilities. This assistance will ensure that every West Virginia child will receive cutting-edge cancer care.

West Virginia Council of Churches-We Are All Kin: $20,000 (Emergency Aid)

The West Virginia Council of Churches will increase the services and resources available to meet the growing needs of foster, adoptive, and kinship (FAK) families by: building capacity within FAK families; establishing a formalized network of FAK parents; building FAK support from faith and local communities; and by expanding the knowledge base concerning FAK families’ needs and available resources. Funding from TGKVF will support project supervision and accountability, project coordination and travel, and conference scholarships for families in Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam Counties.

West Virginia University Foundation, Inc.-Feeding Dreams in Kanawha County: $20,000 (Emergency Aid)

The West Virginia Family Nutrition program and Feeding Dreams are partnering to provide 450 low-income Kanawha County residents with meal kit boxes each week for six weeks in the Fall of 2020. Meal kit boxes contain fresh produce and nutrient-dense dry food and well as information on healthy cooking and recipes. Box distribution will be paired with nutrition education classes and activities provided by the Family Nutrition Program, which is designed to address food security and issues in access while also providing education on healthy eating and stretching food dollars.


The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is grateful to our community of generous donors who make these and other grants possible. The programs and work approved for the second quarter of 2020 distributions are supported by the following funds:

Anonymous/Dental; Anonymous/Emergency Aid; Honor J. Davis, II; Zelma Drennen, Memorial; James F. Duncan; Mr. and Mrs. William L. Goldsmith, Memorial; Blanche Jacobson; Alfred and Lucy W. McClung; McJunkin-Jones; Mary S. Moses; L. Newton and Katherine S. Thomas; Nancy Gay Randolph; Ann Bond and Thomas R. Stephens.




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9 07, 2020

Community Connections June 30, 2020 with TGKVF Program Officers


Jane Powell talks with TGKVF’s Senior Program Officer Stephanie Hyre and Health Program Officer Megan Simpson about the Foundation’s upcoming Leadership Institute.

Community Connections June 30, 2020 with TGKVF Program Officers2020-10-19T15:47:47-04:00
22 05, 2020

Foundation Announces 2020 First Quarter Discretionary Grants


Charleston, WV-The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) Board of Trustees approved the distribution of grant funding totaling $532,700.

Funding from the Foundation supports people in the community like Terry. For more than a year, Terry has been working on his health by participating in West Virginia Health Right’s direct medical care offerings. Recently, he discovered he qualified for a program that would provide him with free monthly supplemental food designed to help seniors like him meet healthy, nutritious dietary goals.

There was just one problem: Terry had no way to get the large, often heavy box home each month. “I’d pretty much decided to give up,” he said. Fortunately, his nutrition instructor at Health Right had the idea to call Faith in Action, a local organization that works to serve seniors in Kanawha County. They agreed to pick up Terry each month and get him home safely with his supplemental food.

Even though giving Terry a ride home seems an incredibly simple act of kindness, Terry feels deeply grateful for the help volunteers with Faith and Action have provided. “Faith in Action has saved me money on bus fare. They have saved me money on groceries. They have saved me wear and tear on this old body. They have helped me eat healthy. And they’re just kind, good people on top of it,” he said.

TGKVF awarded three responsive grants totaling $82,600 to Arts & Culture and Field-of-Interest programs, and awarded eight grants totaling $309,000 in the Foundation’s proactive areas of Education, Health, and Community Economic Development (CED). The West Side Initiative was supported with funding of $33,500. Continual generous support from an anonymous donor provided funding for one Emergency Aid grant and four COVID-19 response grants totaling $107,600.


Advantage Valley Inc.-FASTER WV Loan Fund (Fostering Advantages for Startups & Entrepreneurials Resurgence in West Virginia): $37,000 (CED)

The FASTER WV initiative will facilitate the startup or expansion of new businesses in Boone, Clay, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam counties. The initiative will support small business development with entrepreneurial training, intensive business coaching, and access to capital. Funding will support a dedicated loan fund for the program.


BridgeValley Community and Technical College-The GRID at BridgeValley Community & Technical College: $60,000 (CED)

The GRID (Generate, Renew, Innovate, and Design) offers programs that support small business development and creative expression while also offering access to machinery and technology. Members can access workshops, wi-fi, dedicated office space, and retail space. Funding from TGKVF will provide instruction for community workshops, supplies, and coordination.


WV Community Development Hub-Cultivate WV: $40,000 (CED)

Cultivate WV will provide the communities of Smithers and Montgomery in Fayette and Kanawha Counties with a community coach, monthly workshops, and trainings focused on topics such as community engagement, communications, leadership development, entrepreneurship, business development, and grant writing. This project will support communities with funding for small and large-scale project implementation.


Bob Burdette Center, Inc.-2020 Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School and Summer Enrichment Program: $20,000 (Education)

The Bob Burdette Center (BBC) will host a six week Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School during the summer of 2020 for 50 students who have completed kindergarten through 7th grade in Kanawha County. In addition, the BBC will provide traditional summer programming for an additional 40 students entering kindergarten through 5th grade in Kanawha County. The American Baptist Home Mission Society will serve as the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School Sponsor.


West Virginia University Foundation, Inc.-Competition of VEX Educational Robotics to Advance Girls Education (COVERAGE): $50,000 (Education)

Funding will support West Virginia University Institute of Technology and teachers to organize Girls Robotics Clubs in Kanawha, Fayette, and Lincoln counties. A regional robotics competition is scheduled for Spring 2020 and eight more schools in Kanawha, Clay, Fayette, and Lincoln counties will be initiated. In addition, NASA Independent Verification and Validation (V&V) Facility Educator Resource Center will serve as a collaborator on this project.


WV Professional Dance Company- “Exploration Earth: Your World Through STEAM” Educational Dance Tour: $30,000 (Education)

This project will provide 22 educational performances and workshops in Clay, Lincoln, and Kanawha County schools, as well as two public performances. The tour connects dance and movement to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) disciplines, as well as global and Appalachian cultures and histories, exposing creative forms of expression, communication, and exploration of STEAM concepts that will support the development of West Virginia students.


City of Montgomery-Kayak/Canoe Chute and River Access Development by Fishing Pier: $37,000 (Health)

Funding for this project will support the City of Montgomery in the development of a kayak and canoe chute on the Adams Street riverfront. As part of the City’s plan to build infrastructure and increase recreation and tourism opportunities, this chute will create a safe river access point for the public.


Community Access, Inc.-Horses & Journeys Lessons from the Herd Wellness Program: $35,000 (Health)

Horses & Journeys Lessons from the Herd Wellness Program will continue to assist military service members, first responders, adults who are transitioning from substance use disorder treatment, and children who are experiencing stress identify and strengthen their own practices for wellness. This project, which serves all of TGKVF’s service area, combines equine-assisted learning with guided hiking activities. The project promotes healthy lifestyles and develops and strengthens natural and community based supports.


FestivALL-FestivALL 2020: $24,000 (Arts & Culture)

This project is comprised of programs and events that fulfill FestivALL’s mission to create, produce, and present vibrant arts experiences and entertainment opportunities and serves as a catalyst for others in the community to do the same. Funding support will be put toward artist booking fees for Dance FestivALL, Carriage Trail events, public art projects such as BrickScape, major theater performances like AirPlay or American Shakespeare Center, and more.


The West Virginia Symphony Orchestra-All in for Wild, Wonderful West Virginia Artists: $10,000 (Arts & Culture)

The West Virginia Symphony Orchestra (WVSO) will connect visual, performing, and culinary artists from West Virginia with thousands of potential customers and clients by inviting them to exhibit and perform during MATRIC Symphony Sunday, a free day-long celebration of the arts on June 7, 2020. Funding will support renting and setting up the stage, display tables, chairs, and paying professional WVSO musicians to perform.


Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley-Neighbors Engaging Neighbors: Beyond the Fence: $48,600 (Field of Interest)

The recruitment and retention of volunteers is the single most critical success factor of the work of Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley. Volunteers help to fulfill the mission of service to the senior citizens of Kanawha County. This project is designed around building recruitment opportunities, conducting engagement activities, implementing sustainable volunteer management systems that will strengthen and scale our current processes to grow the volunteer capacity, and positioning the organization for future growth.


Covenant House-HVAC Immediate Upgrades: $35,000 (Emergency Aid)

Emergency Aid funding will support immediate and significant equipment repairs and replacements at Covenant House that will impact the organization’s ability to operate at capacity. Funding will be used to upgrade HVAC systems at two Covenant House properties.


Appalachian Service Project, Inc. – Kanawha County Home Repair Program: $33,500 (West Side 2.0)

The Kanawha County Home Repair Program builds on partnerships developed in the Kanawha Valley and intentionally contributes to neighborhood revitalization on the West Side of Charleston. Activities include coordinating with hundreds of diverse volunteers to provide a meaningful volunteer experience while ensuring quality construction and the completion of critical home repairs for at least 8 families on the West Side. The program will strategically collaborate with other community organizations to provide a renewed sense of safety, pride, and hope among the West Side neighborhoods.


Kanawha Valley Senior Services – Feeding Seniors During Pandemic: $5,100.

Kanawha Valley Senior Services has 25 new requests from seniors at risk to COVID-19 and the stay at home order, many of who cannot have their caregivers come in their homes due to risk of infection. This program provides new seniors and those seniors now at home with two boxes of shelf-stable food. Each box contains five meals and will last through the month of April. This addition will soon deplete current funding. Kanawha Valley Senior Services staff includes cooks, dietary aides, and meal delivery drivers who are essential to the process and will deliver meals to the potentially food insecure seniors.


West Virginia Health Right, Inc. – Medication Assistance for Impoverished Medically At-Risk Adults: $10,000.

The Medication Assistance project is a direct result of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to providing lifesaving medications to the 29,000 established patients served by WV Health Right, the clinic is now serving furloughed workers who are unable to obtain needed medicine. All six Foundation service counties will be served. Funding will be used to purchase medications to ensure that chronically ill patients continue to have their maintenance medications during this crisis.


Zion Child Development Center, Inc. – COVID-19 Emergency Funding to Support Children in the Community: $7,500.

Zion Child Development Center is remaining open for business during the COVID-19 crisis. Zion serves as a childcare facility not only for the normal clientele who are considered essential workers but has expanded to serve the children of those who work with Thomas Health System and other children who are not being covered during this crisis. Funding will aid in establishing a call-in system to provide hot food for these children. This will prevent any child from going hungry by giving them good, homecooked, nutritious meals.


West Virginia Local Health Inc.- Protecting the Public’s Health: The Local Public Health Response to COVID-19 in Boone, Clay, Fayette, Lincoln and Putnam Counties: $50,000.

West Virginia is facing a pandemic and local health departments are on the front lines, prepared with the expertise and knowledge to respond and support their counties. However, as this pandemic is rapidly advancing and impacting Boone, Clay, Fayette, Lincoln, and Putnam counties in different ways and at different rates, such conditions strain even the most well-resourced agencies. This project will leverage funding to strengthen capacity, infrastructure, and public health response to ‘flatten the curve’ and save lives in each of the five counties. Activities include key public health functions of testing, disease investigation, isolation and quarantine, community education, and project evaluation.


The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is grateful to our community of generous donors who make these and other grants possible. The program and work approved for first quarter 2020 distributions are supported by the following funds: Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Chilton, III; Senator William E. Chilton, Sr.; Ellsworth R. and Caroline H. Clark; William O. Clarkson; Cox-Morton; Mary Lewis Dickinson; Lloyd Jr. and Margaret B. Erhard; General City National Bank; Rebecca Dickinson Goldsmith Memorial; Bessie E. Henson Memorial; Bernard H. Jacobson Cultural; Raleigh and Rita Jimison #2; F. B. Lamb; Lowenstein #1; Lillian Ostrin; Mabel W. Walker; Glenn (Fritz) and Lois Wingett Memorial; and General BB&T.

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