Building Bridges Leadership Institute (BBLI)

Building Bridges Leadership Institute (BBLI)

Since 2020, TGKVF has invested in a professional development and capacity building series we call Building Bridges Leadership Institute (BBLI). In 2022-2023, in partnership with the WV Community Development Hub, we provided learning sessions coupled with $5,000 mini-grants and one-on-one professional consulting to 25 emerging projects or start-up organizations. We believe these investments will help support the growth and capacity of community-based organizations across our region!

What do we mean by capacity support?

We believe an organization’s staff and volunteers are best positioned to identify its needs and challenges. Some common capacity areas might include developing grant writing and fundraising skills. Perhaps you need help setting up financial management systems. Would the thoughtful engagement of your board of directors or volunteers increase your impact? Other areas for capacity development may include strategic planning; marketing and outreach planning; evaluation; specialized technology, software, and equipment usage; consulting or coaching; professional development; or other skills and competencies relevant to the organization’s area of work.

Below are some questions for the staff or volunteers of any nonprofit organization, no matter what size, to consider as they contemplate their capacity and plans for growth

What is the problem you’re trying to solve?

Possible Path: Conduct thorough research by diving into reports, statistics, studies, conferences, and expert consultations to understand the issue’s scope, complexity, and contributing factors

Who, what, and where is your community?

Possible Path: Consider your geographic footprint or boundaries

How was the population or need in the community determined?

Possible Path: Conduct needs assessments by engaging with the communities or populations you aim to serve through surveys, focus groups, and interviews to gather insights into their needs, challenges, and perspectives.

What resources do you need to do your work?

Possible Path: Develop Strategic and Financial Plans; a Strategic Plan will help you stay focused on your organization’s mission and goals while ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to implement your strategies. A Financial Plan will help identify the funds and resources required to implement those strategies.

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