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17 06, 2016

2016 First Quarter Grant Distribution List


Foundation Announces First Quarter Grants

Charleston, WV- “Maxine was our very first client,” recalls Jennifer Waggener, Executive Director of Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley, Inc. “At age 90, she is a former Rosie the Riveter who lives alone and is fiercely independent. Two years ago, she voluntarily relinquished her driver’s license, recognizing that it was no longer safe for her to be behind the wheel. Since then, she has been paying a taxi company $40 per roundtrip to her quarterly doctor’s appointment, to the grocery store and to run other errands.”

This is where Faith in Action’s work can aid and assist the elderly population of Kanawha County to age in place with grace and dignity. “As you might imagine, this can be devastating to a fixed income budget. We have been able to meet her transportation needs at no cost to her.”

Maxine’s story is only one of the nine grants that The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation’s Board of Trustees approved at its March 16, 2016 meeting. There are 71 collaborative partners involved in these nine projects and their collaborative efforts are key to achieving TGKVF’s strategic goals. These nine grants total $315,700.

  • Education Alliance- $38,200 (Education)

    The Born Learning Academy program connects schools with families of young children during the critical period of early learning (birth to Pre-K) prior to school enrollment. Families participate in academy trainings where they learn how to create teachable moments for their children. Through this grant, the Foundation will partner with Toyota Manufacturing to expand the program to six additional schools. TGKVF funding will support three grants to applicant schools within the Foundation’s footprint; priority will be given to Title I schools serving marginalized populations.

  • WVU Extension- $78,000 (Education)

    The STEM Ambassador Program provides STEM learning opportunities for K-12 youth. The STEM Ambassadors implement summertime STEM workshops during 4-H camps, community events, and public programming for more than 4,000 participants. In its second year, this project will expand the Ambassadors’ impact by incorporating year-round STEM programming through the help of AmeriCorps VISTAs dedicated to strengthening the STEM infrastructure in all six counties that TGKVF serves. Funding will support STEM equipment, supplies, scholarships, and Ambassador stipends.

  • Community Access, Inc. $15,000 (Health)

    Warrior Wellness is a cross-system project designed to assist military service members (both active duty and veterans) to enhance their own practices for wellness. Through a partnership with Red Barn Stables, WV National Guard, and Kanawha County Parks and Recreation, this project combines equine assisted learning activities with guided hiking/trail activities. Funding will support healthy lifestyles and community-based support for military service members.

  • Kanawha County Board of Education $74,000 (Health)

    The Community Schools Health Care Coordinator (CSHC) will serve as a liaison between West Side schools, Kanawha County Schools Dental Clinic, Familycare Health Center, the Handle with Care program and other resources as needed. This funding will allow the CSHC, a nurse located at Mary C. Snow Elementary, to serve the West Side’s youth on a full time basis. The grant will also assist the dental clinic with providing oral care to uninsured children.

  • Putnam County Parks and Recreation Commission $20,000 (Health)

    Putnam County Parks and Recreation, Rivers to Ridges, and other collaborating partners are working together to improve and develop recreation sites in three communities in northern Putnam County. Funding will support infrastructure improvement at all three sites as well as development of a master plan for a community garden area at Valley Park in Hurricane.

  • Kanawha Valley Friends of Old Time Music and Dance (FOOTMAD) $13,000 (Arts & Culture)

    FOOTMAD is collaborating with the Charleston CVB and FestivALL to launch an initiative with local artists to provide high quality, culturally authentic entertainment experiences for tourism enhancement and increased business entertainment options. A business plan, marketing strategy, and materials will be created through this pilot project. Funding will support a portion of the project manager’s salary.

  • Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley, Inc. $37,500 (Field of Interest)

    Faith in Action’s “Helping Hand Project” is a strategic initiative designed to assist the elder population of Kanawha County to age in place with grace and dignity. This grant will support the recruitment, education, and training of the general public and collaborative partners to provide services to the over 65 population.

  • FestivALL, Charleston, West Virginia, Inc. $25,000 (Arts & Culture)

    FestivALL (June 16-27, 2016) will feature approximately 150 music, visual art, dance, theatre, humanities and family entertainment events with over 400 performances by local, national, and international artists. Events, performances, and exhibitors are produced, co-produced and presented by FestivALL in cooperation with partner organizations and individuals. This funding will support 10 specific events.

  • West Virginia Symphony Orchestra $15,000 (Arts & Culture)

    On the first Sunday in June, the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra (WVSO) will serve an anticipated 10,000 people in Kanawha County and beyond with a day of performances by the WVSO as well as other community music and dance organizations. “Symphony Sunday” is offered free to the community on the University of Charleston campus. Funding will support orchestra personnel, staff, and event expenses.

Total funding for the 1st Quarter of 2016 is:


7 07, 2016

2016 Hud Award for Public Philanthropic Partnerships



The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) was selected as one of ten national winners of the 2016 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary’s Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships for its “Investing in Our Communities-
West Side of Charleston” initiative.

TGKVF President and CEO Dr. Michelle Foster accepted the award on April 10, 2016 at the Council on Foundations’ annual conference in Washington, D. C. Following a competitive nomination process, Nani Coloretti, Deputy Secretary of HUD and Vikki Spruill, President and CEO of the Council on Foundations presented the awards to ten foundations for their outstanding partnerships with the public sector.

In December 2014, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation developed its “Investing in Our Communities-West Side of Charleston” initiative, which strategically concentrates assets within a nine-block area around Mary C. Snow Elementary. TGKVF believes that systemic changes are achieved at a deeper and more sustainable level through targeted resource allocation. The Foundation has committed $600,000 to this initiative over a three-year period with the overall goal of improving housing, civic engagement, and health conditions.

To date, this initiative has funded three intersecting projects:

  1. Project West Invest
  2. Second Avenue Community Center Restoration
  3. Handle with Care Anti-Bullying and Mentorship Program

Public partners include The City of Charleston, the Charleston Police Department, the Charleston Urban Renewal Authority, Kanawha County Schools, the West Virginia Bar Association, the West Virginia State Police, and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of West Virginia.

9 02, 2016

African American Giving Circle to Host Exhibit


Charleston, WV- African American Philanthropy in Action (AAPA) will host “The Giving Project, Reframing Portraits of Philanthropy” at 5:30pm on February 18, 2016.  The event will be held at the Davis Fine Arts Building, West Virginia State University and is free to the public.

This community wide Black History Month event will focus on Black Philanthropy and keynote speaker Ms. Valaida Fullwood, of Charlotte, NC, author of  the book Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists.  The event will also include a panel discussion led by Ms. Fulllwood and include  Dr. Michelle Foster, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) President & CEO; Mr Lewis Smoot, Sr Chairman & CEO Smoot Construction; and Mr. Charles Patton, American Electric Power (AEP) President & COO as panelist; Mr. Carl Chadband, COO KISRA; Mrs. Barbara M Washington Vice President of Philanthropic Solutions U.S. Trust

“Giving Back” was recognized as one the 10 Best Black Books of 2011, and was the winner of the prestigious Terry McAdam Book Award as the nation’s most inspirational and useful book for the nonprofit sector in 2012.

“So while our book serves as a moving tribute, the exhibit along with the programming and discussions it inspires are meant to compel us towards a triumphant movement of conscious giving for social change” says Ms. Valaida Fullwood and Charles W. Thomas, Jr., author and photographer of The Soul of Philanthropy exhibit.

An exhibit, The Soul of Philanthropy Reframed and Exhibited, Pop-Up, Abridged Edition will be available for viewing before and after the presentation.  The exhibit will be on display in the Della Brown Taylor Art Gallery in Davis Hall during normal business hours the week of February 15, 2016.  For more information on the exhibit, visit

“Our goal is to really reimage what philanthropy is ,”said Timothy Gibson, AAPA member and financial advisor with Merrill Lynch.  “Giving really is about time, talent, and treasure.  Some people can give best through volunteering their time—that is really what philanthropy is.”

African American Philanthropy in Action

For immediate release:  Tuesday February 9, 2016

Contact: Melvin Jones, President, AAPA; TGKVF Board Chairman


 Tim Gibson, AAPA  

  1. 347.2532
26 07, 2016

Deadline Approaches for 10th Annual WV Spirit of Philanthropy Awards


WVPhilanthropyMORGANTOWN, WV – As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, “Philanthropy is a desire to help humankind, especially as shown by gifts to charitable or humanitarian institutions; benevolence”.

Currently, Philanthropy West Virginia is accepting applications through August 5, 2016 for The 2016 West Virginia Spirit of Philanthropy Awards program, West Virginia’s premier award for philanthropy.

“In West Virginia, philanthropy is not just about making a donation to a local charity, but giving that creates action that changes root causes of our society’s challenges.  In the midst of the tragic flooding, we have seen many  citizens giving, leading, and doing things to transform communities and rebuild.  We are fortunate to have people, organizations, foundations, and businesses that exemplify philanthropy and improving our society in the Mountain State”, says Paul D. Daugherty, president and CEO of Philanthropy West Virginia.

Daugherty adds, “Philanthropy WV welcomes the nominations of these exemplary individuals, organizations, businesses, foundation staffers, and impact programs/projects for the 2016 Spirit of Philanthropy Awards.”  The Deadline for Nominations is August 5, 2016.

The 2016 Spirit of Philanthropy Awards includes three main award types: the Critical Impact Award, the Volunteer Leadership Award, and the Staff Leadership Award.  The awards will be formally awarded on October 27, 2016, at the Philanthropy West Virginia Annual Conference in Huntington, WV.

Critical Impact Award
The Critical Impact Award celebrates local grantmaking and collaborative programs/projects that have changed lives and communities for the better.  Both larger and smaller grant projects will be considered for the award.  (Projects must demonstrate bold vision, strategic initiative, innovation and sustainability).

Volunteer Leadership Award
The Volunteer Leadership Award honors an individual who has exhibited an extraordinary commitment to philanthropy in the state of West Virginia.  The individual must excel in his or her role as an individual philanthropist through their personal giving, company/corporate philanthropy, engaging others to give, and/or advising/serving as a board member of a foundation/philanthropic organization.

Staff Leadership Award
The Staff Leadership Award honors an individual staff member of a family, private, community, public, corporate giving program or foundation that exhibits an extraordinary commitment to philanthropy in the state of West Virginia.

Nomination Process
To nominate deserving individuals, organizations, and/or programs for the 2016 Spirit of Philanthropy Awards, please visit deadline of August 5, 2016.  Philanthropy WV welcomes all nominations for businesses, foundations, organizations and individuals that are leaders of philanthropy in West Virginia that have positively impacted their communities.

Founded in 1993, Philanthropy West Virginia is the state leadership organization for organized philanthropy that serves the trustees/board members, CEOs, staff, and volunteers of community, private, family, and corporate foundations, giving programs, and individual philanthropists. Our mission is “Strengthening Philanthropy in the Mountain State”.  For more information, visit:

Contact Information:
Paul D. Daugherty, President & CEO or 304.517.1450

27 04, 2014

Dr. Angie Settle’s Story


Each year The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation’s Scholarship Program offers many ways for students to pursue a post- secondary education. There are scholarships designated for graduating seniors of certain schools; others are awarded for specific fields of study such as nursing or law. Financial need, not academic achievement, is the basis of others, and some focus on sports and extra activities.

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation administers more than 500 Funds with over 100 of those Funds designated for statewide scholarships. In the 2014-15 school year, the Foundation funded 433 scholarships for a total of $521,570. Beginning in November of each year, students may apply through the Foundation’s online application process. Most scholarships are for $1,000; this amount can make a difference for students piecing together a financial package to attend college.

One such student is Angie Settle, who with the aid of a TGKVF scholarship was able to begin an academic journey that would continue through undergraduate, master and doctorate degrees. Angie’s hard work and desire to serve her community have propelled her to reach her education goals and find career success.

In Angie’s own words she tells what receiving a scholarship from The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation has meant to her:

“As a young newlywed in the fall of 1990 I was awarded a Capito Fund for Nursing scholarship through The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation to help me pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse at the University of Charleston. I was awarded the scholarship for three years until I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in May, 1993. After graduation, I worked at a local hospital in the trauma ICU before returning to college in the fall of 1994 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Nursing as a Family Nurse practitioner at Marshall University. When I graduated in May of 1997, I became employed at WV Health Right, a free clinic in Charleston, providing care for the uninsured and underinsured of West Virginia.

I have remained with WV Health Right for the majority of my career and over the past 17 ½ years have cared for literally thousands of needy West Virginians. In the fall of 2013, I again returned to school in pursuit of a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) at the University of Alabama where I was awarded a full scholarship. This past summer I graduated with a 4.0 from the DNP program and fulfilled my life-long dream of earning a terminal degree in the nursing profession. On July 1, 2014, I became the CEO/Executive Director of WV Health Right, Inc., and am now honored to serve as the leader of an organization that is so vital and important to the most at-risk citizens of our community.

In closing, had it not been for the Capito Fund for Nursing Scholarship and The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, I would not be professionally where I am today. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to pursue my academic endeavors and help lay the groundwork for all of my academic and career successes that came thereafter. I will be eternally grateful that I was granted this scholarship and am so happy that I have been able to give back by caring for the neediest people of West Virginia.

Dr. Angie Settle, DNP, APRN, BC, FNP

27 12, 2015

Foster named CEO of GKVF


Michelle Mickle Foster never really intended to go into nonprofits.

She went to school at the City College of New York to study chemical engineering. And for years that’s what she did, working on process designs for polyethylene plants a lab at Union Carbide.

But then she found a love for volunteering. And before she knew it, she had left behind the safety glasses and rubber gloves for the Kanawha Institute for Social Research and Action.

“I’m now a social engineer,” Foster said.

Her years as the social engineer running KISRA have paid off — Foster was recently named the CEO of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, a charitable foundation that serves Kanawha, Putnam, Boone, Clay, Lincoln and Fayette counties.

“We want to go to the next highest bar possible and we’re very excited,” said Charlie Loeb, a lawyer at the law firm Jackson Kelly and chairman of the search committee for the foundation. “I think we found our leader.”

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation received 109 applications from all across the country. The search committee narrowed its search down to 12 people before selecting Foster.

Foster plans to use her unique background as an engineer to her advantage with her new position. With KISRA, that background helped her build a small organization in the basement of a church into one where she had 80 employees.

– See more at: WV Gazette

7 07, 2016

Foundation Spotlight: Sandra Thomas, Board of Trustees



Sandra Thomas,
Board of Trustees

Sandra Thomas is a Partner Emeritus in the Western Mid-Atlantic market of Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP. She has over 30 years of tax and business consulting experience and has served in strategic advisory capacities for numerous clients involved in mergers and acquisitions, capital structuring, and tax restructuring plans. She is also widely credited as the first woman to attain Partner status at a major accounting firm in West Virginia.

A graduate of Marshall University, Sandra is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Charleston Chapter of the West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants. She also serves on several community boards and committees including serving as chairwoman of the Charleston Building Commission, audit committee chairwoman of the Garden Club of America, board member for the Maier Foundation, board member and finance committee member for the Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences, and trustee of First Presbyterian Church. Sandra is the past Chairwoman for the Charleston Area Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors, past president for Fund for the Arts, and past board member for the Kanawha County Public Library.