9 07, 2019

Charles & Lucia James



College/University: Any
Financial Need: Yes
Renewable: Yes

Specific preferences:

  • Youth at First Baptist Church, 432 Shrewsbury Street
  • Field of study in Business, Science, Technology or Math
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
Average grant amount: $500
Number of Grants: 0
Charles & Lucia James2021-11-19T15:21:38-05:00
18 08, 2019

Charleston Rotary Club



College/University: Any in WV
Financial Need: No
Renewable: Yes

Specific preferences:

  • Resident of the Charleston area
  • Field of study in business or a related field
  • Preference is given to students having prior business or entrepreneurial experience
  • Demonstrated service to their schools & communities and academic performance

Average grant amount: $2,000
Number of Grants: 1

Charleston Rotary Club2021-11-19T14:59:15-05:00
30 07, 2019

Willard H. Erwin, Jr. (WVHFMA) (Healthcare Financial Management Assoc.)



College/University: Any College or University operated by the State of West Virginia
Financial Need: Yes
Renewable: Yes, for a total of two years contingent upon the student pursuing a regular course of study, performing up to standards of the Institution, and continuing to have need for financial assistance.

Specific preferences:

  • Juniors, seniors, or graduate students
  • Preference to student studying in business or some phase of HealthCare Finance
  • Full or part-time student
Average grant amount: $635
Number of Grants: 1
Willard H. Erwin, Jr. (WVHFMA) (Healthcare Financial Management Assoc.)2021-11-19T15:15:11-05:00

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