2 08, 2017

Community Connections July 27, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Bryan Shaw, Business Accelerator Director of Ten50. As part of the Robert C Byrd Institute, Ten50 is helping small businesses bring their ideas to life.

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5 07, 2017

Community Connections June 28, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Asley Orr, Executive Director of Good News Mountaineer Garage. They discuss the statewide program and how lives are changed when families have their own vehicle.

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30 05, 2017

Community Connections May 24, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Mary C Snow West Side Elementary School Nurse Janet Allio. They discuss the history of the school and the programs offered there to support the West Side community.

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26 01, 2018

Community Connections November 22, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Karen Henson-Bibbee, a long time volunteer with Tyler Mountain/ Cross Lanes Community Services.

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8 12, 2017

Community Connections October 26, 2017


TGKVF Communications Director Jane Powell has a conversation with Jenny Anderson, Director of Families Leading Change. Watch and learn more about this organization and how they are building skills for tomorrow’s leaders.

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8 12, 2017

Community Connections September 27, 2017


Jane Powell and TGKVF Program Officer Megan Simpson have a conversation about the Foundation’s upcoming Building Bridges for Good Measure Conference. This conference will be held Nov 2-3, 2017 at Adventures on the Gorge and will offer 20+ speakers, five tracks of sessions and networking opportunities for regional nonprofits.

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