Competitive Grant Process

Competitive Grant Process

Initial Contact

Prospective applicants reach out to Program Officers (POs) or vice versa.

PO meets with prospective applicant to discuss grant project idea.

PO determines whether proposed initiative is in line with TGKVF priorities.

Brief Project Summary Development

PO invites prospective applicant to prepare a brief Project Summary. 

Project Summary includes a description of the who, what, where, when, and why of the project).

PO team assesses financial requests versus funds available, taking into consideration potential renewal requests.

Staff Analysis

If the Project Summary aligns with priority areas and targeted geography, and fits within the Foundation’s current budget constraints, the prospective applicant is sent a link to submit an application.

Applicants are allotted at least four weeks to prepare their draft applications.

PO team uses a rubric to rank applications, determining which ones need some revision and which are ready to move forward.

Depending on application type, PO team may provide application feedback to applicants and allots them 2-3 weeks to revise and submit their final applications.

Reviewer Analysis

There are multiple review groups comprised of TGKVF Board members, community experts, and volunteers.

Depending on application type, applications that pass the initial staff review are sent to the respective review group for review. All application types are considered by a Committee.

Reviewers meet quarterly to review and recommend applications to the appropriate Committee.

Depending on application type, some applicants are invite to present their case for support to reviewers during an Applicant Interview.

Committee Analysis

Depending on application type, the appropriate Committee will review the applications. Committees are comprised of TGKVF Board members, community experts, and volunteers.  All applications are considered by a Committee.

Committees look across TGKVF priorities and geographic area to ensure proportionate distribution of funding.

Committees assess applications and ask clarifying questions.

Committee vote on whether to move applications forward for Board consideration.

Board of Trustees Review & Approval

Board Committee Chairs present the dashboard summaries of applications to the Board of Trustees at their quarterly meetings.

The Board votes on final approval or decline of applications.

Grant Management

POs notify applicants of their grant award status, then follow up with Grant Agreements (MOUs) as applicable.

Grantees and POs check in regularly on the status of their funded project’s progress.

POs typically conduct at least one site visit per grantee for each grant period. Most grants have 12-month periods.

Grantees are encouraged to share grant project news with POs, including milestones, special events, and site visit opportunities. Grantees are also encouraged to share challenges and obstacles so that POs may assist in troubleshooting and/or course correction.

TGKVF’s Grants Manager  will schedule a final report for grantees to complete and submit at the end of their grant period.

Pending outcomes and funding availability, grants are typically eligible for renewal 3-5 times.

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