Foundation Announces 2021 Fourth Quarter Discretionary Grants

Charleston, WV- The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) Board of Trustees approved the distribution of 28 grants totaling $948,820. Funding supports programs such as Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley and their GoodHOST project.

Jonathan was an early participant in the GoodHOST program. After completing Soft Skills classes, a community-based assessment offered in partnership with the West Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services, Goodwill was able to help Jonathan secure a full-time job at an area hotel. After a year of working, Jonathan has fulfilled his goal of reenrolling and completing his studies at Marshall University. In between his class schedule and on breaks, Jonathan continues to work at the hotel.

TGKVF awarded four responsive grants totaling $ 66,500 to Arts & Culture and Field-of-Interest programs, and awarded 14 grants totaling $528,745 in the Foundation’s proactive areas of Community Economic Development (CED), Education, and Health. Funding was awarded to two Special Initiative grants in the amount of $60,000. Continued generous support from an anonymous donor provided funding for five Emergency Aid grants and three Dental Health grants totaling $293,575. 

Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley, Inc.-GoodHOST: $52,600 (CED)

The GoodHOST program serves the six counties in The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation’s service area. Funding will support training and technical skills in the hospitality industry. GoodHost components such as social distanced learning, as well as remote and virtual learning, have been added to support the changing hospitality climate. 

Rivers to Ridges Heritage Trail, Inc.–Rivers to Ridges Heritage Trail Marketing and Community Economic Development Initiative Year #4: $31,000 (CED)

This fourth year of funding will support the development and promotion of the Lower Kanawha River Recreation Trail. Due to the steady growth of interest in outdoor activities, efforts will enhance water-based adventures, hiking, biking, and running to attract destination tourists to the region.

WV Food and Farm Coalition-Making Place Amongst Rural Grocery Stores: $76,700 (CED)

The WV Rural Grocer Network project will increase the sustainability and viability of small, independently owned grocery stores in The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation footprint through targeted assessment, technical assistance, and access to needed equipment. Funding will also support the development of activities within the network’s grocery stores that tie into the community’s history and current ecotourism efforts which will strengthen the food economy and increase healthy food access.

Future of Nursing West Virginia-West Virginia Nurse Entrepreneur Project: $42,100 (CED)

In its fourth year of funding for this project, entrepreneurship and business coaching curricula will provide education and support for nurses who open health-related businesses. In the first three years, the program has enrolled 50 nurses, aided in opening 20 businesses, including 10 in the Foundation’s service area. Funding will continue to support teaching and coaching with three added features: additional webinars, marketing, and specialty group meetings.

Coda Mountain Academy-Coda Tutoring, Organizational Growth, and Program Support: $53,750 (Education)

In its fifth year of support from TGKVF, Coda will expand its after-school tutoring program in Fayette County to include in-school support for classrooms and struggling students. By reinforcing art integration, the program will focus on academic recovery and social-emotional support needs due to COVID-19 disruptions. Funding will be used for AmeriCorps volunteers, supplies, capacity building, and tutors for Coda’s after-school programs as well as in-school partnerships with Adventure: Fayette County in drug prevention strategies.

Legal Aid of West Virginia, Inc.-Lawyer in the School: $30,000 (Education)

Lawyer in the School (LIS) stabilizes the lives of school families by providing free onsite legal assistance on issues such as housing, eviction, custody, public benefits, and employment barrier removal. LIS hosts weekly walk-in clinics and family night educational workshops at Mary C. Snow and Grandview Elementary to educate families on legal issues impacting stability. In the fourth year of TGKVF support, the program will continue to provide meals and activities for families at these family nights.

West Virginia University Foundation-Competition of VEX Educational Robotics to Advance Girls Education (COVERAGE): $43,845 (Education)

In the COVERAGE program’s third year assisting middle and high school teachers to organize girls-only robotic classes in Fayette, Kanawha, and Lincoln counties, the program will expand to Clay and Putnam counties. The program is preparing for West Virginia’s first girls-only VEX robotics competition on May 24, 2022. Funding will support summer programming in partnership with the NASA Education Resource Center, stipends for teachers and student mentors, and equipment for schools in each county served.

Read Aloud West Virginia, Inc.-Summer Book Binge Plus at Chesapeake Elementary: $8,900 (Education)

Read Aloud WV will partner with Chesapeake Elementary in Kanawha County to provide a Summer Book Binge book distribution for students, as well as an additional book distribution during the fall semester. Funds will be used to purchase books and materials for the two literacy events serving students, as well as to fund staff costs to administer the program.

CARES-Community Autism Resources and Education Systems: $27,000 (Health)

CARES offers support and socialization that is sensory sensitive for families affected by autism in Kanawha and Putnam counties. CARES will offer monthly programs such as Caregivers Night Out, Easter Egg Hunts, Family Fun Day, and visits to the Clay Center and Heritage Farms. Other events will include Summer camps, Movie Nights, Halloween parties, and Secret Santa exchanges.

Fairness West Virginia Institute-Transgender Health Initiative: $24,500 (Health)

Fairness West Virginia, a statewide LGBTQ organization, will address the health disparities transgender people face by organizing a series of training sessions with health care professionals from the Foundation’s six-county region. This third year of funding will support training healthcare providers, updating and promoting online and printed transgender-inclusive health care guides, and online training modules for providers to improve their skills.

Kanawha State Forest Foundation-Completing the Middle Ridge Trail System of Kanawha State Forest: $30,000 (Health)

The Middle Ridge Trail at Kanawha State Forest is a nine-mile ridge-top trail built by volunteers. Due to challenging terrain, the front and back entrance points of the trail are unfinished and difficult for families, hikers, bikers, and runners to access. Funding will support utilizing a professional trail design and construction company to complete the trail, offering broader access to residents of Kanawha County and beyond for hiking, biking, running, and more.

Think Kids, Inc.-Responding to the Needs of Children of the Drug Crisis: $24,000 (Health)

Funding for this project will aid in the assessment and documentation of programs and services provided in TGKVF’s six-county area that are specific to the needs of children affected by the drug crisis. By partnering with United Way, this concise, comprehensive graphical representation will be available to the WV 211 database. This strategic collaboration will centralize efforts and provide the public with access across systems. 

Covenant House, Inc.-West Side Grown Extension Program: $45,000 (Health)

West Side Grown Extension is a collaboration among Keep Your Faith Corporation (KYFC), several local farmers in the Kanawha Valley and surrounding areas, Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary, Piedmont Elementary, Bob Burdette Center, Kanawha County Youth Reporting Center, and WVU Extension in order to bring fresh, healthy, and local foods to elementary students and their families while promoting entrepreneurial skills and agricultural literacy. Pop up farmer’s markets will take place at partnering school sites, Charleston Kanawha Housing Authority housing communities, and at KYFC’s community office site located at 307 Delaware Avenue on Charleston’s West Side. This fourth year of funding will support program extension expenses.

Partners in Health Network, Inc.-COPD Care Coordination Project: $39,350 (Health)

In its second year of funding, Partners in Health Network will continue a COPD Care Coordination project providing care coordination and pulmonary rehabilitation using a telehealth approach. A specific web-based “Blue Marble app” is available and affordable for this purpose. Respiratory therapists at two Appalachian Pulmonary Health Project (APHP) sites are using this app to provide care coordination and home pulmonary rehabilitation. The app is provided free of charge to patients for at least one year. This grant supports on-going home-based service at 2 APHP sites with the goal of expanding to additional sites in the future.

womanSong-womanSong 2022 Performances: $4,000 (Arts and Culture)

Funding for womanSong will support the 2022 season concerts, the 24th year of performances. Concerts will include the May 7th Spring concert at St. Matthews Episcopal Church and the Winter Comfort and Joy concert in December 2022. These concerts will feature collaborations with local musicians and primarily serve residents of Kanawha and Putnam counties.

Appalachian Children’s Chorus-Appalachian Festival of Young Voices 2022: $5,000 (Arts and Culture)

At Appalachian Festival of Young Voices, national children’s choirs are invited to Charleston for a four-day event. Participants, including choristers from Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam counties, work with the world-renowned conductor Dr. Rollo Dilworth and are immersed in Appalachian culture and music through activities such as square dancing with live music. The experience is shared with the community in a free showcase performance to be held in June 2022. Funding will support educational resources provided by West Virginia artists.

Fayette County Family Resources Network-Basic Needs Fulfillment: $20,000 (Field of Interest)

The Fayette County Family Resource Network (FRN) receives requests for items throughout the year from agencies who provide direct services to the residents of the area. The largest requested items are beds, dressers, clothing, and household items. These requests will continue to be fulfilled through the generous donations of community members. Funding will allow the FRN to provide additional support to organizations and the community by showcasing a collaborative effort to meet the needs of residents.

West Virginia State University Foundation, Inc.-WVSU Grandfamilies Program: $37,500 (Field of Interest)

West Virginia continues to rank second nationally with 26,000 children in the care of grandparents. The West Virginia State University Healthy Grandfamilies Program offers educational resources through discussion sessions combined with social work case management services. Workshops are delivered through the WVSU Extension Service Family and Consumer Sciences program in collaboration with the WVSU Department of Social Work, which coordinates the intervention component. Due to COVID-19, the program model has been modified to continue to meet community need through phone conversations, educational printed materials sent through the US Mail, tangible resources, and social service support.

Lincoln County Primary Care Center, Inc.-Dental Project: $86,625 (Dental Health)

Funding will support opening a dental clinic at the Sand Plan location of Lincoln County Primary Care Center (LCPCC), near the border of Kanawha and Lincoln Counties. The goal for the dental department is to prevent dental disease, identify at-risk students, and ensure that all students have a dental home while fulfilling the oral health recommendations of the WV Department of Education. This new location will allow more extensive services to Lincoln County children and adult residents of Lincoln and Kanawha Counties.

New River Health Association-New River Oral Health Project: $40,000 (Dental Health)

Funding will support the provision of dental services to uninsured and underinsured patients at three New River Health Association sites. Funding will also support services offered to veterans.

Kanawha Valley Fellowship Home, Inc.-Oral Health Treatments: $24,900 (Dental Health)

The Kanawha Valley Fellowship Home provides a safe, sober, structured living environment for men in recovery from substance use disorder. Funding will provide each resident with a cleaning and dental exam, as well as treatments such as extractions, filling cavities, dentures, bridges, root canals, and crowns that may be necessary for the individual to be free of pain and have a nice smile. This will increase their self-esteem and ability to obtain employment.

United Way of Central West Virginia-United We House: $50,000 (Emergency Aid)

United Way of Central West Virginia utilizes data from WV211 to identify the needs of our community. Citizens can call WV211 to receive referrals and information about social services in their area based on their zip code. WV211 works with callers to find appropriate funding sources. United Way of Central WV will utilize this funding to help those who have exhausted all other resources and personal funds to maintain housing, utility bills, and internet services for school age children.

Mountain Mission, Inc.-Mountain Mission’s Emergency Assistance Program: $40,000 (Emergency Aid)

Mountain Mission’s Emergency Assistance Program provides low-income individuals and families with financial assistance to meet catastrophic housing, medical, and nutritional needs. Mountain Mission is currently adding a hot meal and food delivery program for seniors and veterans who are home-bound. Funding for this project will help the organization serve at least 350 households in Kanawha County.

Institute/West Dunbar/Pinewood Sub Area Planning Committee, Inc.-Emergency Funding for Street Lighting: $17,050 (Emergency Aid)

For many years, the Institute/West Dunbar/Pinewood Sub Area Planning Committee has covered utility expenses for 200 streetlights in its service area at a reduced rate negotiated through American Electric Power and the Kanawha County Commission. The ongoing Covid pandemic has resulted in a decrease in the support the Committee uses to cover these expenses. Funding from the Foundation will assist the Committee with streetlighting as it works to re-engage its long-term business and community partners.

Bible Center Church-Peers Encouraging Each Other with Robust Support (PEERS): $25,000 (Emergency Aid)

The WV Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Parents Network, in partnership with fiscal agent, Bible Center Church, seeks to increase support and information available to foster, adoptive, and kinship (FAK) parents in West Virginia. The Network provides peer support, training, and advocacy for FAK parents to help them navigate the system, improve their parenting skills, and build community to reduce isolation. The program will serve FAK parents in Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam counties.

Lincoln County Community Outreach Program-Community Peer Support: $10,000 (Emergency Aid)

Lincoln County Community Outreach Program (LCCOP) offers Peer Recovery Support Specialist services to those suffering from substance use disorder, co-occurring disorders, and mental illness in the Lincoln County area. The program aids in building recovery capital for participants through locating affordable housing, securing employment, and providing recovery meetings and other services. Funding from the Foundation will assist LCCOP in advocating for prevention services, early identification, intervention of symptoms, and creating an action plan to stop or reverse the progression of substance use disorder and mental illness.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.-US & Them: Bridging Cultural Divides: $30,000 (Special Initiatives)

Us & Them: Bridging Cultural Divides is a podcast and radio show whose mission is to foster understanding and respectful dialogue across the widening divide between differing customs, beliefs, and worldviews. The show engages people on all sides of the culture wars to access and illuminate their humanity. This year, the show will produce at least 23 episodes, half of which will focus on The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation’s service area.

Bible Center Church-The Maker’s Center: $30,000 (West Side Initiative)

In its third year of support, The Maker’s Center will connect participants with mentors who will inspire creativity using cutting-edge technology, a fully-equipped workshop, and an art studio. Participants will include Kanawha County students, recovery program participants, and local residents. Funding will support next-level technology and art supplies.

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is grateful to our community of generous donors who make these and other grants possible. The programs and work approved for the fourth quarter of 2021 distributions are supported by the following funds: Anonymous Dental; Anonymous Emergency Aid; General BB&T; Christ Life Fellowship Benevolence; General City National Bank; James F. Duncan Charitable; Rebecca Dickinson Goldsmith Memorial; Nan Nash Grosscup; Fred Haddad General; John Roy Harris; Vernon Harris; Bessie E. Henson Memorial; Grace S. Herscher Memorial; Georgia Singleton Herscher Memorial; Robert Crawford Hieronymus; John Hopkins; Charles Hopkins; JW and Gabrielle P. Hubbard Jr.; General Huntington Banks; Blanche E. Jacobson; Bernard H. Jacobson Cultural; Dorothy M. and Charles N. Jardin; Raleigh and Rita Jimison; Raleigh and Rita Jimison #2; Charles and Mary Ellen Jones General; George W. Jones Jr. Memorial; General  JP Morgan; Walter and Jillian Judy; Frank and Opal Keffer Memorial; Nancy Chilton Nelson Knapp Memorial; F.B. Lamb; Della R. P. Lewis General; Lloyd and Margaret B. Lloyd Jr. Trust; Mary Jane Mason Fisher General; Alfred and Lucy W. McClung; Peyton #1; Nancy Gay Randolph; George and Josephine Rogers;  Ann Bond and Thomas R. Stephens Charitable; General United National Bank;  General United National Bank #2; Dr. Charles and Margaret White Kniseley Memorial; and Women Working.

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