Foundation Announces 2023 Discretionary Grants

Charleston, WV – The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation (TGKVF) Board of Trustees approved the distribution of 37 grants totaling $1,209,550.

TGKVF awarded $171,900 to Arts & Culture, Basic Needs, and Field-of-Interest programs and $494,050 in the Foundation’s proactive areas of Community and Economic Development (CED), Education, and Health. In addition, funding of $90,000 was awarded for Special Initiatives projects, and continued generous support from an anonymous donor provided funding for Dental and Emergency Aid grants totaling $453,600.

The Center for Rural Health Development, Inc. – The Smithers/ Montgomery Center of Excellence for Senior Living and Care:  $40,000 (CED) 

The Healthy Village project will utilize vacant buildings and land located in both  Smithers and Montgomery in Fayette and Kanawha Counties. These villages are  communities created at the intersection of neighborhood planning and community  health. Healthy Villages planning will improve the quality of life of residents and enrich  vitality of communities while protecting their heritage, histories, and residents. 

Partner Community Capital – WV Women’s Business Center:  $50,000 (CED) 

West Virginia Women’s Business Center supports small business development activities.  Funding will support programmatic expansion to strengthen the organization and  generate new products, services, and programs that will help support women and  minority-owned businesses in rural and socially and economically disadvantaged areas  across the six-county region served by TGKVF.  

Community Development Partnership of West Virginia –  Community Leadership Development and Project Implementation  through HubCAP V: $40,000 (CED) 

HubCAP V will develop five communities in West Virginia in partnership with  municipalities, community-based nonprofit organizations, local Economic Development  Authorities, and the WVU Center for Design. Funding will support Montgomery, Oak  Hill, and Smithers in HubCAP V.  

West Virginia State University Foundation, Inc. – STEAM-ulation!  Program: $20,000 (Education

The STEAM-ulation Program will engage rising 5th-7th grade students during a  2023 summer camp. Students from a diverse background in Kanawha County will  be recruited to connect the relevance of art within STEM (Science, Technology,  Engineering, and Math) by broadening each participant’s knowledge, interest level,  and self-efficacy through STEAM related activities, field trips, and interactions with  professionals. Funding for this project will support supplies, admission expenses,  subsistence, and camp staff admissions expenses.

FPC Hope Center, Inc. – Bridge Program Transition Pilot Project:  $30,000 (Education) 

The FPC Hope Center Bridge Program Transition Project is a pilot program providing  adult volunteer mentors for students from Kanawha County graduating from the  Mission West Virginia Bridge Program which provides mentorship and academic  support to students in foster or kinship care. Funding will support meeting and  professional costs for study skills, financial planning, and mentor training.  

West Virginia School of Diversion & Transition – Closing the  Reading Gap for At-Risk and Justice-Impacted Students: $50,000  (Education

Funding for this project will support professional development to teachers working  in schools that serve vulnerable and adjudicated students in the Kanawha Valley. The  training will increase teachers’ ability to implement the state’s reading initiative through  exposure to the Science of Reading and linguistics in the classroom. Teachers will  administer dyslexia screenings and reading fluency assessments to all students. 

The EdVenture Group, Inc. – Lincoln County Family Leader  Summit: $17,300 (Education) 

The Lincoln County Family Leader Summit (LCFLS) will expand upon the EdVenture  Group’s West Virginia Family Engagement Center (WVFEC) work to elevate, amplify,  and empower the unheard voices of families in WVFEC Lincoln County Schools. The  LCFLS will consider Lincoln County data to customize a family-facing summit to build confidence in family voice and create a lasting, sustainable family-school connection. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Tri-State – BBBSTS Expansion to  Putnam and Kanawha Counties: $25,500 (Education) Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Tri-State (BBBSTS) is expanding their service area to  include Kanawha and Putnam counties. This expansion brings the nationally recognized  and professionally supported mentorship programs that Big Brothers Big Sisters  is known for back to the region. Funding will aid in staffing support, partnership  development, mentor and mentee engagement, and marketing and recruiting costs.  

Fayette County Family Resource Network – Summer Outdoor Art  and Recreation Camp: $40,000 (Health) 

The Summer Outdoor Art and Recreation Camp (SOAR) will help to fill a need for  meaningful summertime outdoor youth programming in Fayette County. Working  with several partners, SOAR will provide supervised learning through play in sports,  outdoor recreation, and arts for elementary aged children. Funding will support camp  scholarships and paid counseling opportunities for high-school aged youth. 

ACEs Coalition of WV – Advancing ACES Through Awareness,  Training, and Data Collection: $30,000 (Health) 

ACE’s Coalition of WV shares knowledge and resources about positive and adverse  childhood experiences by educating and engaging two primary target audiences of  state department agencies and businesses in Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln,  and Putnam counties through training, awareness, and data collection. 

Laotong Yoga – Laotong Yoga-Freedom Through Recovery Yoga:  $37,250 (Health) 

Laotong Yoga is a nonprofit service organization working to teach trauma-informed  and mindfulness-based yoga classes to people incarcerated in the West Virginia prison  system and justice-impacted individuals sentenced to diversionary recovery residence  programs in lieu of incarnation. Funding will assist with expanding yoga classes into  local recovery housing programs and restarting the Residential Substance Abuse  Treatment program at Charleston Correctional Center, Kanawha County’s work  release center run by the West Virginia Department of Corrections. Three state certified women’s recovery residences will benefit from funding including a new  pregnant and parenting women’s program in Fayette County. 

Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Association Inc. WV  Chapter – Expanding Services and Improving Care for Families  Touched by Dementia: $40,000 (Health) 

Funding for this project will support staff time, supplies, and public relations to increase  the program’s presence and outreach in TGKVF’s six county service area. This will  happen through increasing equity in accurate diagnosis and effective care through  collaboration with healthcare systems and physicians, focus on increasing the number  of families who access free services and quality care for better living with Alzheimer’s  and all other dementia. Also, the program will expand volunteer outreach to offer  education programs and increase access to support programs in underserved rural  areas.  

New Roots Community Farm – Fortifying Farm to School in  Fayette County: $39,000 (Health) 

New Roots Community Farm (NRCF) is a historic 82-acre farm near Fayetteville, WV  designed to support the development of just and equitable agricultural economy in the  New River Gorge Region of Southern West Virginia. Funding will support a partnership  between NRCF and the Fayette County Board of Education (FCBOE) to help increase  the amount of locally grown food served in Fayette County’s public pK-8 feeding  programs. Also, the program will deepen the impact of agricultural experiential learning  opportunities for FCBOE pK-8 students and their families and will articulate the best  practices for farm to school programming in West Virginia. 

West Virginia Free, Inc. – Love Your Birth Control: $35,000  (Health) 

Funding for this project will cover the “Know Your Options, Love Your Birth Control”  campaign, focusing on increasing access to the full spectrum of contraceptive options.  WV FREE addresses the lack of access to and education around contraception in  a three-pronged approach: intensive community outreach and education; shared  decision-making training on contraceptive counseling for health care providers; and  social and emotional wrap-around service professionals. This is a statewide program  but funding will support the work in TGKVF’s service area. 

FestivALL, Charleston, West Virginia, Inc. – FestivALL 2023:  $24,000 (Arts and Culture) 

FestivALL 2023 is a project comprised of performance, exhibition, and learning  opportunities in performing and visual arts. Support will be used for hiring artists  and art groups at FestivALL in June and FeastivALL in October for events such as  FestivALL Arts Fairs, Carriage Trail events, Dance FestivALL, and special theater  performances and art projects. 

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia – Public Art for West  Virginia Courts Learning Center Project: $5,000 (Arts and Culture) The West Virginia Court Learning Center in Kanawha County will be an innovative  and interactive environment for visitors to learn about their rights and responsibilities  under West Virginia law and the role of the judiciary as a branch of state government.  The Court will showcase local art in and near the educational space. Incorporating  art will transform the intimidating capitol building into a warm and welcoming area  for diverse visitors to learn about their state court system. Funding will support artists’  creative efforts and installation of their work. 

West Virginia Symphony Orchestra – All in for Wild, Wonderful  West Virginia Artists: $10,000 (Arts and Culture) 

The West Virginia Symphony Orchestra (WVSO) will connect visual, performing, and  culinary West Virginia artists with thousands of potential customers by inviting them  to exhibit and perform during AVN Symphony Sunday, a free, daylong celebration of  the arts on June 4, 2023, featuring the WVSO, the West Virginia Youth Symphony, and  other community bands at the University of Charleston. This festival has the potential  

to benefit artists from all West Virginia counties, but specifically Boone, Clay, Fayette,  Lincoln, and Putnam counties. Funding will support renting and setting up the stage,  display tables, chairs, and paying professional WVSO musicians to perform.  

Multi-Cultural Festival of West Virginia, Inc. – Multifest 33 in ’23:  $10,000 (Arts and Culture) 

Multifest has been the largest diversity festival in West Virginia for the past 32 years.  Held in Charleston, the festival serves all six counties of the Foundation’s service area  over a four-day period. Each day there will be cultural performances and exhibits,  including minority food vendors and authentic arts, craft, and clothing vendors. Daily  entertainment will be provided by local, regional, and national artists. Funding will  support entertainment fees, travel, meals, hotel, equipment, festival activities, and event  costs.  

Charleston Ballet, Inc. – Charleston Ballet 2023-34 Season: $18,000  (Arts and Culture) 

Funding will support the Charleston Ballet’s 2023-24 season by assisting with local  and guest artist rehearsal and performance fees, travel, housing, and new costumes.  The season will present three mainstage performances. Smaller performances will also  take place throughout the season. All performances exhibit educational and cultural  diversity components, including BALLET FOR ALL and 21st Century After-School  programs.  

The Norman Jordan African American Arts and Heritage Academy  – Summer Youth African American Arts & Heritage Academy:  $3,600 (Arts and Culture) 

Funding will support Fayette and Kanawha County student scholarships for a week  of study and activities related to art and cultural heritage. The week-long academy  will be held at West Virginia State University. Students will choose from vocal  music, instrumental music, theater, dance, visual arts, and creative writing and then  participate in classes and workshops, interact with guest artists, and have performing  opportunities.  

Arts in Action – Arts in Action Classroom and Performance  Supplies: $20,000 (Arts and Culture) 

Arts in Action provides art education and performance opportunities for 425  students annually from locations in Kanawha and Putnam counties. School-year  classes, summer camps, and Christmas Ballet provide instruction in dance, acrobatic  dance, music, theater, and visual arts. The program provides needs-based financial aid  and programming for people with developmental disabilities. Funding will support  classroom and performance supplies for students in Kanawha and Putnam counties. 

Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley, Inc. – Serving  Seniors Sustainably Neighbor to Neighbor: $50,000 (Field-of Interest) 

Faith in Action of the Greater Kanawha Valley is a resource to the seniors living in  Kanawha County. By using volunteers, the program provides free services including  transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping assistance, friendly  phone calls, minor home repairs, and handicap modifications to ensure safe home  environment for care receivers and volunteers. Funding for this project will support  expanding the volunteer team, purchasing “Honey Do” project materials, and  developing meaningful new programs.  

Housing Innovations Corporation – Meeting the Needs of Older  Adults in Our Community: $31,300 (Field-of-Interest) The Meeting the Needs of Older Adults in Our Community project aids older  adults in Kanawha County who are living in public housing. Funding supports acute  emergency needs such as transportation, utilities, rental deposit assistance, and  specifically the spread of bed bugs. Funds will be available for laundry, cleaning supplies,  mattress protectors, and assistance with treatment preparation. Essential household,  personal hygiene, and food pantry items will be made available. Funding will also  provide financial support for programming related to social, emotional, and physical  wellness of residents, decreasing the risk of homelessness or being admitted to a  higher level of care.  

Appalachian Service Project, Inc. – ASP Westside Housing  Revitalization Initiative: $35,000 (West Side Initiative) The Appalachian Service Project Westside Housing Revitalization Initiative will  continue to make homes warmer, safer, and drier and will contribute to neighborhood  revitalization on the West Side of Charleston. Funding will support providing critical  home repairs for 10 West Side families through volunteers, staff, and subcontractors  ensuring quality construction as well as strategically collaborating with other  community organizations to provide a renewed sense of safety, pride, and hope for  underserved citizens.  

TEAM for West Virginia Children, Inc. – Western Regional CASA:  $45,850 (Emergency Aid) 

Funding will provide Western Regional CASA with Comfort Cases to distribute to  children in Boone, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam counties who are entering out-of home care after they have experienced trauma in their own homes. These bags supply  children with basic necessities. Funding will also provide extra-large bags for CASA  Advocates to give children as they change placements or safely return home. The bags  will ensure children have a dignified move to the new placement and not have to  resort to collecting their belongings in a trash bag. 

Walking Miracles – Country Roads Cancer Care Assistance  Program: $28,750 (Emergency Aid) 

Walking Miracles projects work with hospital social workers to identify patients  needing travel assistance. Rural areas have no public transportation. Through the Care  Assistance Program, travel cards will be provided to cover the cost of getting medical  care including transportation, gas, lodging, meals, and other necessary expenses. This  assistance will aid in ensuring travel is not a barrier to cancer treatment in Boone, Clay,  Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam counties. 

Pollen8, Inc. – Pollen8 Recovery Initiative: $25,000 (Emergency Aid) Pollen8 provides treatment for the underlying causes of addiction at Appalachian  Behavioral HealthCare Center. The program also addresses employability skills through  an internship at four social enterprises, and safe and sober housing at Reloc8 which  offers outpatient follow-up care. Funding will aid in replacing the furnace and air  conditioning units, utility costs due to the breakdown of units at Café Appalachia, and  for food costs at Appalachian Behavioral HealthCare Center. 

Kanawha Valley Collective – Emergency Men’s Shelter: $50,000  (Emergency Aid

The Kanawha Valley Collective will assume operations of the Emergency Men’s Shelter  from Roark Sullivan by April of 2023. Funding will provide initial payroll and stabilizing  the building and related services.  

WV Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Parents Network, Inc. – Planning  for Child Welfare Impact: $25,000 (Emergency Aid) West Virginia Foster Adoptive & Kinship Parents Network is developing a board and  strategic plan to ensure ongoing service to families in TGKVF’s service area that is  member-driven and financially sustainable. Funding will be used to collect input from  families impacted by child welfare, strategic planning, and program resources. 

Solutions Oriented Addiction Response – Ignite Save a Life Day  Across WV and Beyond: $10,000 (Emergency Aid) 

Save a Life Day will be September 14, 2023. People across Appalachia will organize  over 100 events, trainings, and equip 10,000 people with life-saving naloxone. All  fifty-five West Virginia counties are participating as well as several counites from  surrounding states. TGKVF funding will support Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln,  and Putnam counties. Each county will receive organizing support, educational  packages, direct funding to expand their events, and enhancement of one ongoing  overdose prevention project.  

The Salvation Army – Social Services: $50,000 (Emergency Aid) The Salvation Army provides aid to underserved without regard for age, gender,  religion, social orientation, or income. Funding for this project will support program  services in Boone, Clay, Kanawha, and Putnam counties, including rental assistance  with evictions or first month rent, utility assistance with electric, gas, water, and sewer  terminations, food assistance through food pantry, and Christmas Kroger gift cards.  

West Virginia Health Right, Inc. – Healing Opportunities for  Parents Everywhere (H.O.P.E.): $50,000 (Emergency Aid) West Virginia Health Right recognized that expectant and new parents suffering from  substance misuse require targeted services and launched H.O.P.E. to support sobriety  among addicted expectant and new parents, thereby decreasing neonatal abstinence  syndrome (NAS) births.Funds will be used for cost associated with staffing, supplies,  and transportation. 

St. Agnes Catholic Church – Sustaining Common Grounds: $24,000  (Emergency Aid) 

Funding for the Sustaining Common Grounds project will provide food boxes for all  eligible participants each year. The food boxes will provide 2-3 days of meals for over  4,275 families who struggle to provide nutritional sustenance to adults, children, and  grandchildren. The food boxes will also be distributed twice each month to over 300  homeless individuals who are in great need of food. 

REA of Hope Fellowship Home, Inc. – Rea of Hope Dental Fund:  $20,000 (Dental) 

Rea of Hope (ROH) provides safe, affordable, and supportive long-term sober living  for West Virginia women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, as well as their  children. Priority is given to women living in Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and  Putnam counties. Poor dental health is a barrier impacting recovery, mental health, and  overall wellness. Funding will support ROH in helping program participants restore  their natural teeth, if possible, while connecting them to a dental home for future care. 

West Virginia Health Right, Inc. – Dental Care for Impoverished  Adults: $125,000 (Dental) 

West Virginia Health Right eliminates financial and transportation barriers of dental  care through its on-site dental clinic in Charleston and its Mobile Dental Unit that  provides preventative, restorative, and oral health educational services to impoverished  adults in Boone and Clay counties. Residents of Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, and Putnam  counties are served through its on-site dental clinic.  

Advantage Valley Community Development Corporation –  Advantage Valley Regional Housing Assessment: $30,000 (Special  Initiatives) 

Funding for this project will support a housing market analysis for a ten-county  region that includes TGKVF’s service area. With recent economic development  announcements of NUCOR, Berkshire Hathaway’s Titanium facility, Our Next Energy  Battery Storage manufacturing, Green Motor Power, expansion of Toyota, and others,  there are approximately 2,000 new jobs coming to the region. The current housing  inventory is very limited in the number, type, and condition of housing units. This study  will look comprehensively to identify the projected demand for workforce housing,  location of units, and the implications for land use and infrastructure development.  

Charleston Regatta, Inc. – Charleston Sternwheel Regatta: $25,000  (Special Initiatives

Charleston Sternwheel Regatta is a five-day music festival in downtown Charleston  that focuses on music, food, sternwheel boats, and activities for all ages. Funds will  be used to offset costs for the entertainment comprised of local, opening acts, and  national main acts.

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is grateful to our community of generous  donors who make these and other grants possible. The programs and work approved  for the first and second quarters of 2023 are supported by the following funds:  Robert Lytle Anderson; Marian H. Angell Memorial; Anonymous; Anonymous/Dental;  Anonymous/Emergency Aid; John C. and Ada K. Arter Memorial; Frank W and Joan  Allison Badger; Beatrice Bell Memorial; Juanita M. Boll Memorial; Kenneth H. Bowyer  Memorial; Cabot Foundation; Miriam Duling Carter Memorial; Senator William  E. Chilton, Sr.; Nelle Chilton Family; Ellsworth R. and Caroline H. Clark; William O.  Clarkson; Helen R. Coffindaffer Revocable Inter Vivos Trust; Columbia Gas; Lenore Cox  Compton Memorial; Cox-Morton; J. Hornor Davis II; Jane M. and Rugeley P. DeVan Jr.;  Mary Lewis Dickinson; Zelma Drennen Memorial; James F. Duncan Charitable; Lloyd  and Margaret B. Erhard, Jr. Trust; General BB&T; General City National Bank; General  JP Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. William L. Goldsmith Memorial; Morton F. Hess Memorial; J.  W. and Gabrielle P. Hubbard, Jr.; Woody and Helen Hunsinger; Blanche E. Jacobson;  Bernard H. Jacobson Cultural; Lois and Lawrence C. Kaufman, Jr.; Stanley Loewstein  Memorial; Lowenstein #1; Lillian M. Mairs; Mary Jane Mason Fisher General; Alfred and  Lucy McClung; Mary S. Moses Memorial; Nancy Gay Randolph; George and Josephine  Rogers; Harry and Florence Silverstein; and Glenn (Fritz) and Lois Wingett Howard  Memorial.

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