CED Priority Area

CED Priority Area

Our community offers a safe, welcoming, energizing environment that provides positive economic growth and an excellent quality of life for residents, businesses, and institutions.

Four Activity Areas:

  1. Workforce Development Including:
    • career and technical education for in-demand fields
    • guidance and support for unemployed residents pursing post-secondary education
    • soft skills and job placement assistance
  2. Development of job opportunities that pay livable wages and benefits
  3. Business Development that teach participants business planning and business operations skills
  4. Building the community’s social fabric through economic means such as local gathering places and visible improvements

To support these activities, TGKVF seeks to invest in collaborative efforts that grow the following forms of wealth achieve the associated short-term outcomes.

Individual Wealth: (Skills, Health, Confidence, Income)

Intellectual Wealth: (Shared Knowledge, Innovation, Technology)

Social Wealth: (Trusting Relationships, Mutual Support)

Political Wealth: (Influence and voice)

Natural Wealth: (Access to and Stewardship of Natural Resources)

Built Wealth: (Community Infrastructure)

Financial Wealth: (Community Investments and Household Savings)

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