The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation has a bold vision for the region it serves: to be a forward-thinking and closely connected community that fearlessly works together to promote the prosperity of all.

In order to make this vision a reality, the Foundation is working to carry out its new mission of “making thoughtful and proactive investments that grow the multiple forms of wealth necessary for our community to thrive.” The seven forms of community wealth TGKVF seeks to grow include:

  • Individual: Skills, Health, Confidence, & Income
  • Intellectual: Shared Knowledge, Innovation, & Technology
  • Social: Trust, Relationships & Mutual Support
  • Natural: Resilient Natural Resources
  • Built: Community Infrastructure
  • Political: Influence & Voice
  • Financial: Community Investments & Household Savings

By working to grow multiple forms of community wealth, we believe the Foundation and our grantee partners can have substantial and lasting impact on the root cause issues that continually undermine better outcomes in our education and health systems while fostering civic engagement and community building throughout our region. More specifically, TGKVF’s new strategic direction is focused on cultivating community wealth that will address the following priority impact statements:

  • Education: Our community is a place where students, from early childhood to post-secondary, build the skills, knowledge, and credentials to become productive and successful.
  • Health: Our community supports the healthy choice.
  • Community Economic Development (CED): Our community offers a safe, welcoming, energizing environment that promotes an excellent quality of life and positive economic growth for residents, businesses, and institutions.

Identified Root Cause Issues

  • Underperforming education system and ill-prepared students
  • Poor health of our population
  • Not enough strong and visionary leadership – at all levels of society
  • Weak community connections and lack of collaboration
  • Apathetic attitudes and unhelpful cultural beliefs
  • Economic disparities and lack of a diverse economy

Our analysis of the root cause issues and the development of the Foundation’s new strategic direction were completed in collaboration with over 300 of our grantees, donors, and advisors. During this process, our partners not only helped identify the root cause issues, but also defined the places where the Foundation can have the greatest impact on these hard-to-solve problems. This process resulted in our new Strategic Plan and an organizational shift to being a more proactive and deliberate investor in social change.

During the planning process, the Foundation Board and staff also realized that the issues we seek to address are too deep and complex for any one organization to solve. For this reason, we seek to fund collaborative efforts that target the goals and objectives found in TGKVF’s Strategic Plan. The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation has shifted from solely supporting individual organizations and programs to supporting the multiple organizations and intersecting networks that will advance our Strategic Plan. Once you become a grantee partner, the Foundation will work to strengthen the collaborative capacity of your team as well as foster supportive relationships and strategic thinking amongst grantee partners working on similar goals.

To become part of this new and exciting effort, start by answering the following questions:

  • Are you part of a collaborative effort or do you have an idea for one?
  • Can members of your collaborative answer the questions on the “who should apply” sheet?