Program Team

Program Team

Stephanie Hyre
Chief Program Officer
304-346-3620 ext. 15

Grantmaking areas:


Megan Simpson
Program Director
304-346-3620 ext. 12

Grantmaking areas
CC Dickinson Family Giving Circle
Kanawha Valley Council on Philanthropy

Todd Dorcas
Program Officer
304-346-3620 ext. 28

Grantmaking areas
Community Economic Development
West Side 2.0
Advancing Entrepreneurship Program
African American Philanthropy in Action

Derek Vance
Program Officer
304-346-3620 ext. 19

Grantmaking areas:
Basic Needs
Emergency Aid
Special Initiatives
Criminal Justice Reform

Candace Krell
Grants Manager

Grantmaking areas:
Technical Assistance with Online Application
and Report Portal
Grant Reporting
Data Collection Questions

Program Assistant
304-346-3620 ext. 0

Grantmaking areas:
Unsure of your grant needs? Sarah can help direct you!