Deputy William G. “Billy ” Giacomo 


·College/University:  Any

·Financial Need:  No

·Renewable:  Yes

·Specific Criteria:   

(1) Children or Grandchildren of law enforcement officers who work or have worked in Nicholas County.  This includes City Police, Sheriff’s Dept., and the State Police stationed in Nicholas County, DNR, or those officers living in Nicholas County employed by Federal Agencies. 

(2) Graduating senior of Richwood High School or Nicholas High School  

(3) May attend any accredited college or university, with exception to a degree, which would lead to a career as a criminal defender. 

(4) Preference shall be given to students pursuing study in law enforcement 

*Financial information is not required.   

**Applicants must submit the name of their parent or grandparent and agency in which they are/were employed on page 5 of application.

2022: Average grant amount $1,500; number of grants:1

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