William Giacomo “Firefighter”


College/University:Any in WV – Unless pursuing a Fire Safety Degree
Financial Need:No

Specific preferences:

  • Must be pursuing first Post-High School degree
  • Active Firefighter, or a spouse, child, or grandchild of an active firefighter on a department that is a member of and in good standing with Fayette County Firefighters Association
  • Must have completed 1 year of college (minimum 24 credit hours)
  • Have a minimum of a 2.75 GPA
  • Applicants must submit with the original application, a notarized statement from the Fayette County Fire Service Coordinator affirming:

    1.) The applicant’s active status, or relationship to a firefighter of active status, on a Fayette County Fire Dept.

    2.) The Fayette County Fire Dept. noted immediately above is a member of and in good standing with the Fayette County Firefighters Association

Average grant amount:$1,000
Number of Grants:0 (No applications were submitted)

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