Kanawha Valley Council of Philanthropy (KVCOP)

||Kanawha Valley Council of Philanthropy (KVCOP)
Kanawha Valley Council of Philanthropy (KVCOP) 2017-04-17T17:55:07+00:00

The KVCOP, revitalized from the previous Community Grantmakers Association, was established to serve as an opportunity for convening funders to learn about the Kanawha Valley community, to share information and knowledge, to leverage and maximize resources, and to expand potential strategies for making more effective grants.

The KVCOP’s Guidelines include goals, objectives, methods, administrative support, membership, and indicators of success. Its three task forces include: Membership, “New Buckets” (leveraging of dollars), and Program.

The KVCOP has stopped accepting applications for the 2017 calendar year. The Council does not accept unsolicited applications.