The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is committed to supporting our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to these challenging times, the Foundation has set aside limited resources that may be available to the 501c3 nonprofits and government entities that provide essential services.

Within the coming weeks, our program team will be proactively reaching out to some of our partners to determine their needs and respond accordingly.  As the Coronavirus situation evolves, we know the needs of our communities will change and we stand ready to adapt. As updates and opportunities become available, we will share them.

From all of us at TGKVF, we wish our communities good health and safety in the days and weeks ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Applicants

Will the upcoming 2020 Discretionary Grant Timeline be changed?
No. The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation will continue to accept invited grant applications at our scheduled deadlines. All applications are submitted electronically through systems that are currently unaffected by the COVID-19 situation.

Will my application be reviewed on schedule?
Yes. TGKVF’s program staff continues to work remotely; as always, we will assist you with your proposal questions and technical assistance needs.  Our reviewers and task groups will be meeting virtually as needed. 

What if our organization is applying for a Q2 discretionary grant (deadline April 6, 2020); do we need to make a change to our project proposal as a result of COVID-19?
Pending applicants should notify their Program Officer of any significant changes in their proposed projects before the application deadline of April 6, 2020.  Responses to COVID-19 may be considered as part of your proposal plan. If you prefer postponing your application until Q3, please notify your Program Officer of that change as well.

For Active Grantees

We might have to cancel our grant project (or part of our grant project). What options are there?
You may request a project timeline extension if you think you may be able to complete the project activities by a later end date. You may also request a change in the scope of the grant project and/or a budget line item change request.  To learn more about these options, please contact your Program Officer. 

We might be able to accomplish some of our grant project, but what if our previously submitted budget costs need to change?
You may submit a revised budget form request and include a written explanation regarding why changes are needed. Generally, budget items will still need to be allowable and allocable to the grant project.  Please contact your Program Officer to learn more about this option.

Our current grant has an upcoming interim or final report that is due.  What if we need more time to complete the requirement?

You may request an extension if you think you may need more time to organize data, prepare a detailed accounting of how funds were expended, and write up project outcomes.  To learn more about these options, please contact your Program Officer.

IMPORTANT: Before making any changes to your currently active grant and/or pending project proposal, you must receive written approval from the TGKVF program staff.  Once changes are approved, TGKVF’s Grants Manager will update the grant/application requirements in our system. 

General Questions

Will I be able to contact TGKVF staff?
Yes.  Whether working at our offices or remotely, our staff will be available to answer your questions.  Currently, email is the best way to get in touch with Foundation staff; however, we still access our voicemails.  

Does TGKVF have a specific COVID-19 strategy? 

Yes. The Foundation is working to unroll guidelines targeting specific nonprofit and government entities that are on the frontlines of this crisis.  Please stay tuned for more information by visiting our website at