24 01, 2016

AAPA: The Giving Project


Jane Powell has a conversation with African American Philanthropy in Actions (AAPA) members Dr. Michelle Easton and Mr. Timothy Gibson about “The Giving Project.”

29 09, 2016

Community Connections April 27, 2016


Jane Powell has a conversation with Valicia Leary, Executive Director of Children’s Therapy Clinic and Jill McLaury of Bright Futures Learning Services.

2 08, 2017

Community Connections July 27, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Bryan Shaw, Business Accelerator Director of Ten50. As part of the Robert C Byrd Institute, Ten50 is helping small businesses bring their ideas to life.

5 07, 2017

Community Connections June 28, 2017


Jane Powell has a conversation with Asley Orr, Executive Director of Good News Mountaineer Garage. They discuss the statewide program and how lives are changed when families have their own vehicle.